The Gang Gets Astrological: Reading the Signs3 min read

We all know how fun it is to read about our horoscope signs. Astrology can help us with guidance when making a tough decision. But we are also able to learn about our relationships, about our future, and about our strengths and weaknesses.

According to, astrology can “reveal damaging behavioral patterns or forewarn you of upcoming challenges. It can help you pinpoint latent talents you may possess and provide you with specific hints on how to best develop them.”

Reading the Signs

Astrology comes in handy when examining yourself, but it also comes in handy in the workplace. By utilizing your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses laid out in your horoscope, you are able to be of best use to the office.

Here at Pepper Gang, we are a mix of all sorts of horoscope signs. Our strengths and weaknesses are varied, our personalities different. In hopes of strengthening our workplace compatibility, we took a quiz on to see which horoscope we act like and what they says about us.



zodiac traits

Carmen is a Taurus, which means she is generous, dependable, and patient, while also a bit stubborn. The quiz told her that she is much like an Aquarius; funny, clever, inventive, and creative, albeit stubborn and aloof. Although the quiz got her sign wrong, the strengths and weaknesses the quiz pointed out were accurate. She feels she is stubborn but also very inventive.



zodiac traits

Although Stephen doesn’t really believe in astrology, he is a Virgo. Virgos tend to be analytical, kind, and hardworking and big worriers. Stephen’s results showed that he would be a Cancer. The quiz attributed these characteristics to a Cancer: emotional, sensitive, loyal, and very dependable. The quiz also pointed out that Cancers tend to be a bit self-absorbed. Stephen said the sign was wrong but the results were fairly accurate, which was not surprising given the answers he provided.



zodiac traits

Caitlyn is a Scorpio who somewhat believes in astrology. Scorpios tend to be focused, brave, ambitious, and mysterious. Like Stephen, Caitlyn also got Cancer as her quiz results. This means her answers showed that she is caring, loyal, dependable, and self-absorbed. Caitlyn also felt the results were fairly accurate despite the fact she likes to think she is not self-absorbed.



zodiac traits

Mercedez is also a Scorpio and a firm believer in astrology. Scorpios’ strengths include bravery, ambitiousness, and intuition. Scorpios also tend to be secretive and envious. Her results showed that she is a Libra; hospitable, diplomatic, graceful, while also unreliable and indecisive. Mercedez found that her results were far from accurate and very far from her true characteristics.

So what do these results tell us? Well, first: online horoscope quizzes aren’t 100% accurate. Every single person had their sign guessed wrong. It is easy to write it off as just a fluke but interestingly enough, everyone besides Mercedez felt that the characteristics laid out in the results were accurate.

Although some results were conflicting, we figured out some of our strengths and weaknesses which we can now use to help better ourselves and collaborate in the workplace.

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