7 Things to Avoid When Advertising on YouTube2 min read

One of the ways to tackle video advertising for your brand is to advertise on YouTube. Make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes…

1. You don’t fully understand what YouTube can do for your brand. 

Yup, we’re stating the obvious but you can set your brand worlds apart with video advertising. It allows you to get in front of the right people looking for your service in the most entertaining and engaging format.

2. You have a poor video description. 

Having a video description that does not reflect the content of your video can lead to a lower click-through rate. Remember, this is what is seen in a Google & YouTube search query.

3. You have an irrelevant title of tags. 

This may be one of the most important factors when YouTube advertising. Optimize your title with relevant keywords & phrases. When adding tags, don’t use keywords that are not relevant to the video content. This leads to mistrust between your viewers & your brand.

4. You’re not planning on sharing your video ad. 

Embed your video on your website and make sure you share your video ad on all your social media platforms. This can improve your video rankings on Google.

5. You don’t have any call-to-actions. 

Add your call-to-action to the end of the video to ensure that the viewer can enjoy the content first, and urge them to take action.

6. You do not know the importance of your video’s thumbnail. 

A video ad’s thumbnail gives the viewer a quick snapshot of what the video content is. Make sure your message & thumbnail is relevant to each other.

7. You’re not being patient. 

Don’t give up too quickly. You might have to wait much longer to see results from YouTube compared to other types of advertising you may be using. Don’t base your success on view counts, but rather the engagement.

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