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Integrating video into your advertising campaigns is an important step your business should take to stay on top of the competition. Here, The Gang explains the most important elements of perfect YouTube ads, in an easy-to-understand SlideShare…

#1 Entice & Intrigue

Give customers a reason to engage by starting the story, but not telling the whole thing. Give enough information, so viewers are encouraged to click through or act to find out more.

#2 Understand Your Target Audiences’ Appetite

Provide the viewers with intriguing content that matches your brand’s persona (funny, knowledgable, etc). Knowing your audience, and what they want can avoid them from skipping your ad after the first 5 seconds.

#3 Keep Your Messaging Consistent

With only one message in your ad, viewers know exactly what the advertisement is about & avoids confusion. Therefore your video advertising campaigns should align with your marketing campaigns.

#4 Touch Their Heart With YouTube Ads

By using emotional elements, you make the viewer emotionally connected to your ad. Hence why a lot of big brands like to use relationships to connect with their customer’s feelings.

#5 High Resolution, Quality & Technology

Furthermore, create and upload your video ad using the highest resolution & quality possible. Don’t let a fuzzy or pixelated video experience get in the way of communicating your message. Use new technology, like 360 degree or interactive videos, to let your viewers engage with your ad.

#6 Compatible with Multiple Devices

Most of all, remember to make videos watchable on every device: smartphones, tablets, desktops & laptops.

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