At Pepper Gang, we love making videos. And our talented videographer, Dante Ferguson, knows exactly what he’s doing. Whether he’s filming Pepper Talks, documenting business trips to New York City, or creating original content for our various clients, he is always applying our video marketing strategy.

We make it a point that everyone involved in the company must create video content. Our main goal in doing so is not only to educate clients, consumers, marketers, and business owners about digital marketing but to educate ourselves. Appearing on video can seem daunting or silly, but it helps us build upon skills they could easily shy away from. Some of us have even discovered a passion we didn’t know existed.

Luckily, The Gang tends to have a blast when filming around the office. Amidst laughing and making nervous gestures (What do I do with my arms?!), we are working on public speaking, building professional visibility, developing SEO, and attempting to engage a brand following. Let me tell you a bit more about why creating video content is good for The Gang.


Speaking to an Audience:

Writing blog posts, presenting to future clients, Skyping with your team, developing a brand, and seeking ways to stand out: all of these practices and objectives benefit from public speaking. I remember how much I was afraid to step up in front of the class in school and giving a presentation on something I knew a lot (or nothing) about. It’s scary for some people to perform for an audience, no matter what the circumstances. And in the professional world, it doesn’t end. Unless you harness that fear and learn how to engage yourself and your audience.

At Pepper Gang, speaking on video means exploring your voice, honing your craft and educating the public. When I shot my first Pepper Talk, I was nervous, but at the end, I learned how to write a script, follow the script (scrap half of it), and infuse the film with my personality. It’s easy to lose people in the digital age, so being able to catch someone’s eye is incredibly beneficial to you and who you’re representing.


You Are a Professional:

Believe it or not, you’re a professional. So act like one. I don’t mean act like your uptight great-grandfather, but try and be confident and bring to your work whatever pieces of your personality that you love. Through starring in your own videos, you become more accessible to the world. These days, especially, the majority of people would much rather click on a video than on an article. Build a professional portfolio through a more exciting, engaging platform: video. People who are hiring look for personality. There’s no better way to express that than on film. From there, you can share it wherever you deem necessary. Who knows who’ll see it.


SEO Purposes:

On more practical terms, video helps develop your SEO. I already mentioned that video is making up more and more of the digital marketing landscape. It’s a hugely effective platform. And it’s growing. By putting out captivating content that you can insert tags and focus keywords into, your brand or business’s visibility should increase greatly.

The beauty of video content reveals itself on various platforms. Say you’re shooting a five-minute skit for a clothing brand. You can take the full piece and upload it to the brand’s YouTube channel while cutting the video down and posting it on the brand’s multiple social media platforms. That way, the video, in all its forms, will optimize much faster. And remember, you can always take an original video and create a blog article around it. The options are endless. But all of them help your SEO.


Now you know why The Gang does video. Between personal development, SEO purposes, and overall visibility, video is key. Now, if you’re looking for more in-depth notes, check out our article on video marketing tips and video marketing strategy.