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Two Strategies Resorts Must Focus on in 2014

Marketing focus for resort professionals

18 Jan Two Strategies Resorts Must Focus on in 2014

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Managing the marketing efforts for resorts and other destinations in the travel industry? Read on for how you need to focus in 2014: 

Video Marketing and Resorts

You’ve heard all about how video content has gained momentum. More and more people are watching videos to compare options when choosing between vacation destinations. This year there’s no slowing down either. That’s why resorts have to start focusing on creating quality video content that will help travelers in their planning decisions.

65% begin researching online before they decide where or how to travel

When travelers are doing their research online, they tend to turn to video to get a feel of how the resort is. Videos can help viewers get a feel of what it’s like to stay in your resort.

89% of leisure travelers watch video online

Videos allow you to paint a positive image of your brand. They work as a soft sales pitch to generate more bookings.  Who doesn’t want to see where they could potential be visiting and staying? Tip: You must create a high-quality short video that showcases all your location’s amenities.  Don’t forget to optimize it for search results. Download our white paper for everything you need to know about using digital media to marketing your resort or hotel.

Loyalty Programs

Every business’s dream, including resorts, is to have a large number of faithful customers who stick with your brand and become a sort of ambassador for the brand. Loyalty programs that reward returning guests are a huge influence for travelers making vacation plans. You see loyalty programs when you use your supermarket card to get lower prices at the checkout, and when you get special coupons in the mail for your favorite sporting goods store. As a resort marketer, you can leverage the power of a loyalty program, too.

66% of leisure travelers belong to a loyalty program

Having a member loyalty program in place can help resorts like yours increase revenue and lock in loyal consumers who will return year after year and bring friends.

71% of travelers say earning rewards is important when choosing travel options

When it comes to traveling, people look for ways to differentiate between destinations. You know competition is tight. If your competitors offer loyalty programs, and you don’t, that could entice your consumers to choose them over you. Introduce loyalty programs as part of your marketing strategy, and it’ll be one more factor in what sets you apart from the competition. Video and loyalty programs, each on their own, won’t bring in droves of guests. But as a strategic part of a cohesive, intelligently-planned suite of marketing tools, they will go a long way toward showing travelers how you stand out among the tight crowd of hospitality destinations.   By Dely Keza featured img: Schristia Interested in learning more about Pepper Gang’s Services? Visit our Hospitality Digital Marketing Page for more information.
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