Boston is one of the tech capitals of the country, as well as a university hub, boasting one of the best colleges in the country. This leads to their being a high amount of remote workers, freelancers and, of course, students. The city therefore offers many spaces to work from, be it co-working spaces, libraries or even cafes.

If you want to discover the top places to get some work done in Boston, one of the busiest cities in the US, take a look at this list developed by the Gang.

Boston Public Library

Boston public library

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This historic and beautiful building in the heart of Boston is a great place to catch up on some work. It is quiet, since it is a library after all, and you are surrounded by history. You can work in the amazing Bates Hall or one of the dozens of reading rooms available to the public. The Boston Public Library also offers you places to take a break in, like the cafe or even work by the marvelous fountain in the courtyard in the warmer months. You can also get a free library card and have access to thousands of books and many great benefits, like computer access


This co-working space, built to drive concentration and collaboration, is a great place to work by yourself or with a small team. With locations in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, Workbar has many options available to you. You do have to pay for a membership to work here, which makes it a good space to use instead of an office for a small team, but you will get access to conference rooms, phone rooms, WIFI and office supplies, as well as snacks, coffee and tea.


Coalition is a co-working space for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Located tight by the Charles River, you can work with amazing views of the Charles and Cambridge. All types of industries work out of this space, including tech, journalism and design, amongst others, making it a good space to network and meet new people to expand your business. Membership comes in the form of three tiers and there is the possibility of purchasing just a day pass, giving you access to a virtual office, conference rooms and WIFI.

If you’re looking for a space with these benefits but that doesn’t cost as much, you should take a look at our next option.

District Hall

District hall

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Located in the Seaport District, District Hall is a free co-working space open to the public and entrepreneurs alike. You can sign up for free office hours with business experts, rent meeting spaces or work in the open area for free. There is a cafe on site, so you can grab a bite to eat or drink and maybe grab dinner after work at the onsite restaurant called Gather. They also feature cafe nights, designed to meet new connections in Boston.

For a change of pace, think of working outside in this next few options.

Kendall Square Rooftop Garden

In the summer this rooftop oasis offers views for miles and is a top place to work. Kendall Square Rooftop Garden is a community garden located on the top of the Green Garage in Kendall Square. With free WIFI provided to all of Kendall Square by MIT, this space is perfect to work in the fresh air, above the city and close to all the amenities Kendall Center below has to offer.

Christopher Columbus Park

Located in the North End and at the Boston Waterfront, Christopher Columbus Park is a great place to work on the warm months and sunny days. With tons of benches and wifi available, there are many spaces to work. Because of its location it also offers many restaurants and cafes in close proximity.

Coffee shops are always a good idea for working, so how about checking other options that aren’t Starbucks? Read on to find some interesting ones

Thinking Cup

Thinking Cup

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Thinking Cup beautifully designed cafe is a great place for entrepreneurs or remote workers to work from. With three locations around Boston, you can get some work done in their various table section while enjoying their leaf tea or Stumptown Coffee. There is no wifi, though, but it is the perfect place to unplug and get some needed work done.

Peet’s Coffee

With many locations in Boston and some in close proximity to downtown Boston, Peet’s Coffee offers a great variety of coffee, pastries and more importantly…power outlets and WIFI. It has a quiet atmosphere, which is conducive to concentration and getting work done. It is a good space for remote workers to work from or to get out of the office and get some work done. Some of its locations offer outside seating if you prefer to work outside and others have upstairs seating, which makes it perfect for settling in and getting away from the crowds.

Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero has several locations across Boston and is still growing, being a large-scale chain. With their comfortable couches, bookcases, fireplaces and very relaxed atmosphere, as is its indoor lighting, it is a great place to settle in and get to work. You can also enjoy their delicious tea, coffee and pastries.

For a different pace than a library or copy shop, here is a unique space for you.

The Boston Athenaeum

boston atheneaum

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Looking for a library vibe minus the tourists? This place is perfect, offering the quiet and cozy atmosphere of a library minus the crowds and noise a place like the Boston Public Library attracts. At the Boston Athenaeum, you’ll be surrounded by historical collections and new exhibitions in its various quiet areas and its library area. It’s a great place to focus and make some magic happen. You do have to pay for a single-day pass, but these are available to the public for $10.

So there you have it, that the list of the best places to get work done in Boston. Each of these choices provides an excellent place to work, but you’ll have to be the judge of what works for you. Maybe one of them will turn out to be the new favorite place to get things done. How about going out there and giving them a try?