Your company’s website can say a lot about your brand before you even have the chance to say something. Beautiful and effective web designs revolve around four basic principles, design/color, pictures and/or graphics, usability and brand consistency. As humans, we process visuals much quicker than text. When designing your website keep in mind that your consumers subconsciously create their first impression about the brand within the first minute on your site. The most successful website designs, combine stunning visuals and easy to use functions throughout the consumer’s entire experience. With any website it is all about customer experience, reeling them and taking them along for the ride, but first, you have to catch their attention. The most successful sites are interactive, inviting and easy to use, grabbing your attention from start to finish. 

We have made a list for you of some great web designs to inspire you. Enjoy!

Feed Music

feed music website image

Feed music is an interactive website design that keeps you intrigued from beginning to end. It uses stunning visuals to guide you through a series of information and background about the company. Feed’s visuals constantly evolve as you continue your experience on the site, allowing you to scroll along while creating new images, keeping you constantly engaged.


adobe website image

Adobe is a brand that specializes in creative cloud services and technology and their website displays just that. The Adobe home landing page displays an artistic and creative visual image of what Adobe services can help you create. It is a very simple design with color,  clever use of white space and incredible functionality. This web design clearly displays all the features and services that Adobe specializes in by placing minimalistic buttons and drop-down menus right at the top of the screen. 

Save Whales

save the whales website image

Save Whales gives a whole new meaning to interactive web design. The site immediately draws you to its purpose (to save whales) and allows you to explore the ocean as you learn more about endangered whales species. The website creates the ultimate experience, making learning about whales completely personalized, immersing you into their world. Discovering more about whales through the site is truly an adventure, moving text, and images that can be controlled by your cursor, ocean waves that appear as you transition between landing pages and images that fill the entire screen. This site is truly one of a kind. 


revols website image

Revols’ sleek black design with an immediate image of their customizable headphones demonstrates that the brand is product-focused with sophistication. Revols’ headphones are shown enlarged on the site to show the details of their product. The simplistic layout makes it incredibly easy to explore the site and what it has to offer. The text that is displayed on their home landing page is highlighted with the color blue to show emphasis on the words fit, comfort and sound, the brand’s focus. The company chooses to use short sentences to state what their product is all about. 

Made in Haus

made in hause website image

 The first thing that you notice when you visit the site is the big white text against the sleek black background. The contrasting colorful moving image, changes as you move your cursor over it creating the perfect juxtaposition to the rest of the minimalistic web design. The layout of the page is very simple with only a few words, work, studio and contact in the top right corner.

Letters Inc.

letters inc website image

The Letters Inc. site opens with a uniquely designed geometric loading icon against a black background. Once you have landed on the home page, an envelope opens with a letter (hence the name of the company) to the company’s supporters demonstrating their customer appreciation. The background keeps it very simple with its color palette, only using white and black with a complex geometric pattern. As you scroll down the page to discover more information, the geometric pattern grows as you scroll. The companies landing pages are easy to access, located at the top of the screen labeled, message, about us, works, news and contact. 



workstack website image

WorkStack is a site used to organize and plan team tasks and responsibilities. As soon as you arrive on the site, you are greeted by a colorful gradient of welcoming and inviting colors. The company strategically used the coloring to portray their company and brand meaning. The color blue portrays trust and security within the brand and increases productivity, while the color purple portrays success and wealth. The company’s website shows a visual representation of how to schedule and edit tasks, as well as other ways to effectively use their product. 


zara website image

Zara’s simplistic and minimalistic website design focuses on the product at hand. Zara highlights their newest collections of neutral and minimal clothing designs in a slideshow of images that encompasses the entire screen. When selected, each visual opens an editorial of images related to the collection. The visuals effortlessly move as you scroll through the editorial. On the right-hand side, Zara organizes their menu options into a simple easy to find format. If you hover over the word Zara, the menu will appear and tuck away once you move your cursor. 

Femme & Fierce

femme website image

Femme and Fierce is all about customer experience, using micro-interactions to interact and invite their customers to continue searching through the site to purchase. The site gives off a very feminine, dainty appeal, by using the colors red and pink with heart and kiss micro-interactions. As you continue through the site and finally decide to add something to your cart, the “add to bag” turns into “thanks babe”, which is a lot more personable than the typical “added” response that you receive after you have made an action. 

Distance to Mars

distance to mars website image

Distance to Mars is an educational site that teaches about Mars’ relativity to the Earth in a very clever way. The site uses a scale model of distance to show exactly how far Mars is from Earth in an easy to understand way. By clicking one simple down arrow, you are led on a voyage through the solar system to discover the distance and time from Earth to Mars. This simple and interactive site accurately educates you, in a fun and interesting way. 

That’s the end of our list! We hope you keep these amazing website designs in mind when you decide to revamp your website design or create a new one.