With the ever-growing growth of social media, social media marketing is as important as ever. But, search engine optimization (SEO) is a major source of traffic and leads for your business. So, which is more important? The answer is both. This article will take a look at the roles of social media and SEO in your business and how each is necessary.

Keep reading to learn about the relationship between social media and SEO. 

Content Marketing: The beginning of it all

The relationship between social media and search engine optimization starts with content marketing. Content marketing is about enticing, informing and entertaining your audience. Social media is about promoting your content. And SEO is about making sure that your content improves your search engine ranking. All 3 work together to help you stand out amongst the competition and deliver relevance to your audience. 

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Social Media and SEO

Social media management is the practice of posting and optimizing your content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. SEO strategy is the practice of making your website and/or content more searchable through search engines. This means that people that are typing questions about products related to you will find you in a search engine’s search results. 

This item, called search, is a huge source of customers, but with the importance of social media and the increase of people using these platforms for search, social media is becoming more important as a marketing platform. But, you shouldn’t think that social media and search engines are each other’s competition. Together, they can help you amplify your search results. 

The best of friends? 

As stated before, social media and SEO can complement each other. Their strategies are different, but using both can help you gain website traffic from many different sources. Social media allows people to discover new content and brand they may like, while SEO allows brands to gain traffic from people who are searching for questions related to their business. 

Social media and search need to work together because they both help people discover information. People use a search engine like Google to find the answers to questions they have and they use social media to discover answers to the questions they didn’t know they have, by means of suggestions. 

How Social Media Affects SEO

As stated before, leveraging social media and SEO strategies will give you more chances for people to discover your brand and your content. But, it can also help your search results. When you get a lot of traffic to your website, search engines will think your brand is more credible and will place you higher on the search results page. 

Posting content on social media that is click-worthy will help you boost traffic. If credible people see your posts on social and share them on their own blogs and websites, this will also boost your page’s authority, which will help move you up in the rankings. So, leveraging these strategies will only help you move up in search results. 

SEO isn’t just technical anymore. Search Engines want the best and most relevant content to rank highly, making SEO much more human. They are looking more for the kind of content you share, not just the keywords.  It’s important to know how you use keywords to answer questions that people are asking with your content. 

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How to integrate SEO and Social Media Strategies

So how can you integrate these strategies to help you gain more customers? These are a few suggestions

Social media share buttons on your website

Search engines like Google are starting to use social media shares to influence search rankings. Having social media buttons on your website helps with this because it encourages visitors to your website to share content in social media. These buttons will help increase traffic from social media and will help increase your ranking in search engines

Use keywords in both

Using important keywords about your company or products is a great way to make use of both SEO and social media. You can use these keywords not only in your website, but your content and your social media as well. This doesn’t mean you post something that is full of keywords, but make sure you use some keywords in your tweets and social media messages as well. This will not only help you increase your reach, but will make your content more thoughtful. 

You should always think of social media as an extension of your website. So, just like you would optimize your website for keywords, optimize your social media pages. 

Backlinks and sharing on social

Backlinks are important because Google now takes not on how many links link back to your website. But, many can decide to manipulate this through keyword stuffing and creating fake websites that link back to your website. 

Even though Google is getting better at deciphering these fake links, they have also chosen to look into social media links, like Twitter and Facebook. This is where your following and your social reach is important because it gives you the opportunity for your content to be shared and viewed by many people. 

Establish Social Media Relationships. 

Building relationships using social media will help you drive links and boost your social media presence. You will get more social media attention and can have the opportunity to grow your content by using guest posting from relationships you forge on social media. This, in the end, will help you boost your link-building opportunities. 

Not only will social media relationships help with content and social media, but it will help you build authority. Search Engines like Google will rank your website higher if they see that you are a credible source. And these relationships will help you become more credible. As stated before, Search Engines also consider your social media influence when it comes to reach, relevance and engagement, so the more you like, comment and share on social media, the higher your ranking will grow. 

So, there you have it, the complicated relationship between SEO and Social Media. We hope this article has answered your questions about social media and SEO and how they are both necessary for your business. Make sure you follow our guide to leverage them both to work for you!

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