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The Gang | Meet the Interns

The Gang - Meet the Summer 2017 Interns

09 Jun The Gang | Meet the Interns

The Pepper Gang team has expanded here in Boston with the addition of 15 great summer interns. Meet the hard-working peppers behind all the great things we do!

The Marketing Team:


Maggie Holden

team Hometown: Hingham, MA School: Loyola University Maryland About: Maggie likes fashion and photography, frequently visiting photo galleries to admire art. She loves Martha’s Vineyard, and studied abroad in Paris last fall. Why Pepper Gang?: She didn’t want to work at a huge corporation, but instead sought out a more friendly, small office vibe. PG was a perfect fit! Favorite Part of PG: Maggie loves the collaborative and fun office environment here at Pepper Gang. Favorite Pepper: Red Bell Pepper    

Kimberly Huynh

team Hometown: Boston, MA School: Stonehill College About: Kimmy is extremely kind and energetic, but is also the first to admit she is very gullible. Her hobbies include many kinds of calligraphy, water color painting, paper craft, knitting, crocheting, rug making, and of course taking selfies! She loves Korean drama and anime, her favorites being Full House and Assassination Classroom. Kimmy’s house is haunted and she says she sees ghosts there often. She loves visiting Vietnam, and her favorite thing to do there is ride mopeds. Why Pepper Gang?: She wanted a social media internship, and enjoys how Pepper Gang is always open to try new things as a company. Favorite Part of PG: The tight-knit feel of the office. Favorite Pepper: Sriracha    

The SEO Team:


Yohana Tanjung

team Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia Alma Mater: Bentley University, Class of ’16 About: Yohana has a pet corgi named Cora, and likes to box at Title Boxing Club. Why Pepper Gang?: She wanted marketing experience while completing her MBA at Bentley, and feels she is contributing more at a small company like Pepper Gang as opposed to a big agency. Favorite Part of PG: The office is very friendly, inclusive, and diverse. Favorite Pepper: Sriracha!  

The Content Team:


Bella Hudanich

team Hometown: Scranton, PA School: Syracuse University About: Bella loves food and runs the @lnchbrk Instagram account- she puts hot sauce on everything! She used to be an all-star competitive cheerleader, and her group placed 19th at the Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando. Why Pepper Gang?: Her friends all live in Boston and she loves writing, so applying to be on the PG content team was only natural! Favorite Part of PG: Bella loves writing about things she’s passionate about and working with the fun content team. Favorite Pepper: Jalapenos, served on a cheese steak.  

Griffin Reilly

team Hometown: Millville, MA School: Duke University About: Griffin is first and foremost a Blue Devils fan, and plays drum set courtside for the Duke Basketball team. He has also travelled the country with a drum corps, playing marching snare drum. He has a pet chinchilla named Chinchi that he loves more than anything! Why Pepper Gang?: He wanted practical journalism experience while working at a youthful, growing company. Working in his favorite part of the city is just icing on the cake! Favorite Part of PG: The hilarious personalities in the office and the infinite supply of Veggie Straws in the closet. Favorite Pepper: Chipotle Mayo (does that even count?)  

Kara-Jianna Undag

team Hometown: Boston, MA School: College of the Holy Cross About: Kara is another cheerleader on our content team, who travelled with the Holy Cross basketball team to the 2016 NCAA Basketball tournament. She can also play the guitar, and is currently working on a fashion blog with her sister. Why Pepper Gang?: She is an English major at Holy Cross, but never had the opportunity to work in the field of journalism. She decided to find a content writing internship over the summer so she could explore this field and see if it’s right for her. Favorite Part of PG: Kara loves the creative energy at Pepper Gang, and how everyone works together as a team to accomplish their goals. Favorite Pepper: Red Bell Peppers with Hummus.  

Sophia Lipp

team Hometown: Longmeadow, MA School: Boston University About: Sophia is interested in sports reporting and was lucky enough to report on the Beanpot at TD Garden for BU. She also plays piano and ukulele, likes frisbee, and beats all her friends in ABC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette bracket competitions. Why Pepper Gang?: She had a lot of experience in sports and political reporting, and wanting to get experience in the lifestyle field. She also wanted to try written journalism as opposed to broadcast journalism. Favorite Part of PG: Sophia loves that interns at PG get lots of real responsibilities and creative independence. She likes that she can pitch an idea as an intern, have it taken seriously, then watch it become a reality. She also loves the people! Favorite Pepper: Sophia hates peppers!  

The Video Production Team:


Julien Dresbach

team Hometown: Brussels, Belgium School: Boston University About: Julien loves sports and has played rugby, basketball, soccer, swimming, and tennis. His club rugby team will play a match against the North Korean National Team. He speaks three languages and has been to a whopping 103 countries! He runs a radio show, “The Hype,” which discusses electronic music. Why Pepper Gang?: He wanted to use the opportunity to get video production experience, and liked PG’s office culture. Favorite Part of PG: Julien loves the rapid pace of production and how no project is dwelled on for too long. He likes that he’s always working on fresh projects. Favorite Pepper: Red Bell Peppers, raw  

Sarah Griffin

team Hometown: Salem, MA Alma Mater: Roger Williams University, Class of ’17 About: Sarah loves cinematography, dance, and photography. She has a pet hedgehog that’s named Sherlock. She recently connected with her birth sister, who had lived next to her for years without either knowing it! Why Pepper Gang?: She wanted video production experience in a fun office. Favorite Part of PG: Meeting the subjects for her videos, and making funny clips like “Slow Day at Work”. Favorite Pepper: Jalapenos, seared  

The Graphic Design Team:


Claire Chiarelli

team Hometown: Stony Brook, NY School: State University of New York at Oswego About: Claire loves cooking and coming up with new recipes, and can make a killer guac (the secret ingredients are mango and strawberry). She enjoys dance, and is the choreographer for SUNY Oswego’s dance team. From her jokes at the office, she claire-ly has a gift for puns too! Why Pepper Gang?: She had never lived in a city, and wanted a change of pace while working in a collaborative office environment. Favorite Part of PG: Claire likes her independence and how she can combine her personal art style with the styles of clients to make cool finished products. Favorite Pepper: Jalapeno poppers

Kiernan Murray

team Hometown: Boston, MA School: Ithaca College About: Kiernan is earning a Spanish Language minor at Ithaca, and has been to Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico all in the last five years. To continue his quest, he will be studying abroad in Barcelona this year! Kiernan loves traveling to the Cape during the summer, and has a cat named Sheba. Why Pepper Gang?: He wanted to stay in his favorite city, Boston, while doing graphic design work. Favorite Part of PG: Kiernan like the creative freedom he has and seeing people’s reaction to the works he created. Favorite Pepper: Ghost Peppers; he enjoys the pain!  

The Social Media Team:


Megan McNamara

team Hometown: Windham, NH School: Loyola University Maryland About: Last fall Megan studied abroad in Ireland at University College Cork. Her favorite part of the visit was seeing the Cliffs of Moher. She has also raised two dogs, two cats, 12 chickens and two goats- all at once! Why Pepper Gang?: Megan had social media and marketing experience, but wanted to be able to spend the summer in Boston. Favorite Part of PG: Megan loves the casual, super chill environment. Favorite Pepper: A tie between Banana Peppers and Jalapenos.  

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