How Your Online Video May Make it to TVs Everywhere1 min read

In today’s world media is no longer stagnant. Because of this something that was made for print may be seen on the Internet, and the same goes for video. Streaming video content from computers to televisions is now second nature. Thanks to devices such as the Google Chromecast it isn’t given a second thought. Videos created for YouTube or blog posts on a website can now be projected onto televisions with a single click. As a result, the videos you are creating for your digital marketing campaign will be on televisions now too.
Google has recently looked into just how many people are viewing content this way. In addition, they are looking at when they are watching it, what kind of videos they are streaming and what exactly this all means. For more information check out their great infographic on “The Rise of Online Video on the TV Screen” for the details!

Streaming video

Image courtesy of Think With Google

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