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Marketing Tips to Put Your Spa on the Map

29 Jun Marketing Tips to Put Your Spa on the Map

Nothing beats a day at the spa; in today’s high stress world, many consumers would enjoy a regular visit for massages, a sauna, or even a pedicure. However, getting customers to think about this luxury enough to book the appointment can prove extremely difficult. Even if a customer does choose to go to the spa, it’s another challenge entirely to convince them to walk through your doors. To help you navigate this tough market, which lacks differentiation and has notoriously bad outreach, we’ve made a list of tips to help your spa or salon brand rise above the rest. woman at spa marketing

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1. Establish an identity

As mentioned, a big problem that comes up when marketing spas is a lack of differentiation. Spas typically offer just a handful of services, so it’s hard to make your business stand out amongst others when you offer similar (or even the same) services. Consistent, attractive branding can be just what your spa needs to seem like a better option than the others that are available. Choose an identity for your brand and stick with it, whether you choose to be cute and carefree or high end and regal. Discrepancies in your branding, whether it be varying styles of graphics or mixed messages in your advertisements, will leave customers confused and unsure if your venue is right for them.

2. Effective Content Marketing

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Content marketing is arguably more valuable in the hospitality industry than any other. Creating a blog is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase what your business has to offer while still being casual and relatable to potential clients. You can also create articles that feature health tips, personal care guides, or insights into the trade. Any of these strategies will not only give your brand a voice, but have the possibility of being shared, posted, and like, doing the work of digital marketing for you.

3. Create an Experience for the Customer

Spas, more than anything, are about the experience the customer has. Play this up by making a spa visit more than just a relaxing day. Leading up to the customer’s reservation, send them emails to build hype. These can include other information such as supplemental services they can take advantage of while there and some positive reviews. While the client is actually at your location, tailor every detail to their individual preferences. Customize their visit with personalized towels/gear, allow them to select the exact services they want to their own specifications, or even let them select the music that plays. Lastly, be sure to promote your brand as they leave and maybe provide a parting gift bag with samples of their favorite cosmetics. If they remember the visit fondly, they’re more likely to recommend it to others! Which brings our next tip…

4. Encourage Customers to do the Marketing For You

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Nothing beats free advertisement, right? A loyal consumer base can be your greatest marketing tool if used effectively. Encourage satisfied users to recommend your service to their friends, whether you simply ask them in a follow up email, or use incentives for successfully recommended clients. Most people will check reviews before going to a spa or salon, and are more likely to go to a venue that was recommended to them by a friend. If you can get customers to establish a good reputation of your business for you, half the work is already done. But remember: the best way to get customers to recommend your spa is to leave them feeling satisfied, so be sure to cater to your current visitors before trying to rope in new ones!

5. Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways!

Everyone love free stuff! Promotions are a great way to spread word about your business at little to no cost, and they’re fun for all involved. Offer a free spa day to someone who posts the best Instagram of themselves at your venue, offer discounts for holidays like Mother’s Day, or even something as simple as free swag on the way out the door. Giveaways are also a great way to increase your presence on social media; hold a drawing for a free spa day that users can participate in by following your account and retweeting a tweet. Promotions are an organic, fun way to get word out about your brand and can help to differentiate it from others. spa marketing customer engagement

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6. Be Transparent and Engage Your Customers

Many review sites are available nowadays, with large companies like Yelp! and smaller, hospitality specific websites. Odds are at some point, whether deserved or not, you will receive a negative review. You may be tempted, but the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Reply to the post with your sincerest apologies and ask what can be done to improve the experience. Your business might benefit, and the individual will think more fondly of your brand. On the flip side, thank users who leave glowing reviews too! Reviews will drive many customers to you, so you want to encourage those who leave great ones. These tips aren’t exclusive to review sites either. On all your social media accounts and websites, engage with users as much as possible. This will both give your brand identity and make your business seem friendly; more people are likely to go to a spa that cares about and interacts with the clients!

Want more tips or your business tips for your spa or salon? Check out our #AskPG on remarketing for the hospitality industry with Google Analytics!

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