Self-care and wellness have become a stand-out trend of the past years. Tradition doesn’t appeal to the masses. Consumers crave treatments and experiences that align with their needs. Driven by unprecedented stress, the spa and wellness industry has grown exponentially, making it an arduous process to stand out.

Navigating such an uncertain and vast industry can be disheartening. When outlining your marketing strategy, consider these six tips to aid your spa in outreach, growth, and revenue increase.

1. Establish An Identity

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Lack of differentiation is a common obstacle the industry faces. Although spas are shifting to offer a wider range of service, industry trends often lead them to provide a handful of similar services. Marketing your services aren’t enough. Creating an authentic brand can help diversify your spa, and make strides above the rest.

Choose an identity for your brand and stick with it, whether you choose to be cute and carefree or high end and regal. Discrepancies in your branding, whether it be varying styles of graphics or mixed messages in your advertisements, will leave customers confused and unsure if your venue is right for them.

2. Effective Content Marketing

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Content marketing is arguably more valuable in the hospitality industry than any other. Creating a blog is an opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer while to increase industry credibility. More importantly than that, including content driven by trending keywords will drive possible customers to your site. Content marketing is an essential piece of proper search engine optimization. 

Your blog will provide validity to consumers that you have knowledge of industry trends, increase traffic to your site, and boost chances of conversion.

3. Create an Experience for the Customer

Spas are inevitably experiential. Don’t be afraid to lean into this concept. Leading up to the customer’s reservation, send them emails to build hype.  Incorporate any content that will drive the guest to envision their experience and become excited.

Individualization is a trend that’s likely here to stay. Tailor every detail to their individual preferences. Customize their visit with personalized towels/gear, allow them to select the exact services they want to their own specifications, or even let them select the music that plays.

Lastly, be sure to promote your brand as they leave.  Provide a parting gift bag with samples of their favorite cosmetics or other swag that will leave a lasting impression. These details turns one-time gusts into return guests. Which brings our next tip…

4. Encourage Customers to do the Marketing For You

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Free is better, especially when it comes to advertising.  A loyal consumer base can be your greatest marketing tool if used effectively. Encourage satisfied users to recommend your service to their friends or review you on social platforms.

Most people will check reviews before going to a spa or salon, and are more likely choose one that was recommended to them by a friend.  Remember, the best way to get customers to recommend your spa is to leave them feeling satisfied, so be sure to cater to your current visitors before trying to rope in new ones.

5. Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways

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Promotions are a clever way to spread word about your business at little to no cost, and they’re fun for all involved. Utilize social media contests, create an influencer marketing program to promote deals, and capture emails to send exclusive offers to past clients.

6. Be Transparent and Engage Your Customers

A few negative reviews can quickly destroy the reputation of your spa. Respond quickly and appropriately and  there’s still a chance to save face.

Reply to the all negative reviews with your sincerest apologies and ask what can be done to improve the experience. Your business might benefit, and the individual will think more fondly of your brand.

Alternatively,  thank users who leave positive reviews as well. Your engagement is proof of your investment in customer experience.

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