5 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing in Your Social Media Strategy1 min read

According to Syndacast, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be social media video. There’s no better place to integrate your video content than into your social media platforms.

Here’s five reasons why you need to utilize video marketing in your social media video strategy…

#1 : Because Numbers Don’t Lie

According to HighQ, 55% of people watch video online everyday. In 2015, video took up 57% of internet traffic. By 2017, this number will rise 69%.

#2 : Because Video is Unique

Video can communicate your message in a way that other content cannot. And social media platforms know this; their algorithms favor videos because they know their users value it more than any other type of content.

#3 : Because Video Gives Your Brand Personality

Creating social media video increases brand awareness. And to create this awareness, you must create video content that is share-worthy & hits your target audiences interests.

#4 : Because Video Puts Faces to the Name

Video allows your business to show the fun side of your company, regardless of how ‘boring’ your industry may seem. This can entice potential employees & customers to check out your brand.

#5 : Because Video the New Lead Generator

Online lead generation can be very boring & technical. Videos are less labor-intensive for the user & more appealing. Insider Tip: Simply make your call-to-action a ‘share button.’

Need help integrating video into your social media strategy? Pepper Gang can help build your brand with video!

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