Ah, springtime. A time for renewal, blooming changes, and of course, cleaning.



You’ve cleaned out the storage closet, dusted the desks and put new art on the office walls.


But wait…Aren’t you forgetting something?

Your business’s social media plan probably needs a boost. We’re not saying you’re not doing a great job- your engagement could be through the roof.

But just like any marketing plan, we can’t leave it be until the time when those lovely green numbers in your reporting start turning red.

Make it a priority to clean things up a bit. It’s time for a social media spring cleaning. From your engagement to your posts, there’s always room for a few adjustments.

Who you follow

Just like you would your closet, you need to clear out the clutter. Despite it being a weird, unspoken social media rule that your ratio of followers to following should be positive, there’s a better reason to click that unfollow button a few times. Engagement should be a crucial part of your business’s social media strategy, especially on Instagram and Twitter where you have the ability to follow individuals directly.  It’s easier to engage with the right people when you’re, well, following the right people!

Start by unfollowing any wildly inactive users -we like to use Crowdfire for this. This simply helps to weed through some clutter.

Then take a little more time to go through some of your followers. Don’t feel obligated to do this all at once, because it’s a tad more time consuming, so spread it out over a few weeks. Daily, take a good look at your followers. Unfollow them if they:

  1. Aren’t reacting to your engagements (engaging back or converting/ making purchases)
  2. Don’t align with your brand (if you’re a family-oriented brand, you won’t want to follow someone who consistently uses foul language in their posts.)

If someone likes your brand, it’s likely they’ll take a look at who you’re following, in hopes to find a few similar companies.  So it’s important the users you follow align with your business and don’t deter your consumers from continuing to follow you.

What you’ve posted

Businesses change. Brands shift. And some posts just don’t do so hot with your followers. Scroll back through posts on all platforms and eliminate the ones that don’t quite fit in. When consumers look at your social pages, they don’t just look at a couple of posts. Honestly, when was the last time you only looked at three pictures on someone’s Instagram feed? People want the full package, consistency, and to see a decent amount of engagement.

Don’t be scared to delete. Delete posts that didn’t perform well, or that no longer align with your business’s brand. Show your followers the things you do best.

What your plan is

The start of the new year is typically a popular time to adjust social plans and schedules. But if you haven’t touched it since then, it’s time to get on in there! Even if you’ve seen nothing but green for the last 3 months or so, there’s still room for improvement. There’s always room for improvement. We must constantly change as our consumers do.

Observe the types of posts that have succeeded and those that haven’t. Examine your analytics closely. Get specific. Maybe you’ve been posting to Facebook at noon on Tuesdays, but the majority of your followers engage at 6 pm. Make the change!

As you see fit, adjust your plan to include days, times, and amounts of engagement. Eliminate post types that aren’t working and include more of what is. Alter your ratio of curated content and owned content. Get your hands dirty and be honest about what needs to change.

How you do what you do

Businesses thrive off of efficiency. How you execute your social media plan is no different. Be truthful about gaps in your time management and daily task schedule. Are you scattering your posts throughout the day, updating in real time? Or would taking an hour in the morning to schedule the majority of your posts result in a more productive day?

Don’t just create a schedule for your social media, create a schedule for yourself. Test new methods of organization. Hell, maybe it’s just time for you to organize your desk or delete some files to make it easier to find those Instagram photos while you’re at it.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Pepper Gang can help! Contact us today to see how your business can benefit from our social media consulting services!