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Social Media Marketing

Every brand has a story

Build brand awareness, connect and create a BUZZ about your business


Social Media Marketing = Brand Awareness + Audience Engagement. When your company engages with your audience, your name, your logo, your company vision and values are all exposed to new possible clients. The goal for each company venturing into social media is to become not just the TV commercial that people fast forward through, but to the become the cool guy that everyone wants to be friends with.


of Americans have a social habit and use social media several times a day

What you’re missing out on

Increased Website Traffic and Online Visibility

Creating Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Communicate With Your Audience

Powerful Distribution Channel for your business

Represent Your Companies Passions

Stay Connected and Build Online Community Around Your Brand

Manage Brand Reputation

Word of Mouth Advertising Is The Most Effective Way To Increase Sales

Our social media packages include

Monitor Conversations and Respond

Daily Posting and Sharing

Connect with Influencers and Engage with Fans/Followers

Custom Social Page Design

Social Advertising

Identify Target Audience

Interactive Elements such as Programs/Offers/Applications

Plan and Strategize Social Brand Message

Don’t be a lesson in how NOT to react



It used to be that if one of your customers was unhappy with your service, she would tell her friends, and they would tell their friends.

Now that 56% of people in the US own a smartphone*, it’s easier than ever for a disgruntled customer’s bad review of your business to reach viral levels—friends of friends of friends—and tear apart the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

We understand the importance of keeping your brand reputation clean. It’s easy to find yourself or your company in hot water.


Don’t allow your company to be the next internet meme because of a knee-jerk reaction to bad press


Our team takes reputation management one step further than necessary. We don’t just help you put out fires—we help you turn those unhappy customers into loyal, committed ambassadors for your brand.


No matter the size of your business, you cannot afford to discount the benefits of a strong public relations team. Large and small companies, local and international companies—the success or failure of your business can rest heavily on the quality of your PR efforts.

Now more than ever your online brand reputation matters. Search engines and future customers can easily find and read what others say about you. You will be judged on it. Don’t let your online reputation be tarnished with negative comments or bad customer reviews. We can help monitor, find and put you on the right track to getting your reputation back on track.