Pepper Talk: Is Influencer Marketing Right For Your Business1 min read

You’re scrolling through Instagram. You see one of your favorite local food bloggers eating a new snack. They’re perfectly posed and caption it “My go-to snack every time. #snacktime #ad.”
You’re in the store the next day.  You see those chips and remember that post. In an attempt to be just as cool as your favorite influencer, you buy them.

There is the beauty of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing focuses on an influencer rather than the target audience. It can be a useful tool in helping to increase reach, boost your social engagement, and drive revenue.

But how can you be so sure influencer marketing is right for your business?

There are a few key indicators that this route may be the right one for you.

1. Your target audience is active on social channels

2.You’re not reaching a big enough audience

3.You want to be involved in your community

In this Pepper Talk, we dive deeper into these reasons to help you make the best marketing decisions for your company.


Influencer marketing is a fairly new tactic, one that has shown to appeal widely to millennials. Learn how to shift your influencer marketing campaigns to grab the attention of quite the prominent generation.