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A Quick Lesson in SEO

22 Mar A Quick Lesson in SEO

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SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is what gets you to the top of Google’s list. The better optimized your website is, the closer to the top you will be. While it might take a while for you to become an SEO master, we have a few tips for getting you on the right path.

1. Sign Up for a Google My Business Account

As we have discussed before, a Google My Business account will give you access to important tools and is essential in making sure your company shows up across all Google channels.

 Google My Business

Image Courtesy of Google My Business

2. Start With Great Content

Google has decided that they are unimpressed with filler content and that they want more substance from businesses. While long-form articles are their ideal, it is highly unlikely that you will get people to stop and read the whole thing. To have the same effect, create meaningful content. Don’t pack it full of fluffy keywords, get down to the point and make it worth the read.


3. Find Your Keywords and Utilize Them

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of maintaining good SEO. Once you have set up your Google My Business account you will have access to the Google Keyword Planner. This tool will help you discover the best keywords and combination of words to use. From there you want implement these keywords strategically throughout your website: in your page titles, in the meta descriptions, the image names, the image alt tag, the URL and of course in the page content itself. Using this technique will help Google figure out what the page is all about.

 Wordpress Analytics and Keywords

4. Grow Internal Links

Hyperlink key phrases and ideas within your articles to others in the past that might be useful to the reader. By doing this you are leading your audience to other pages on your site, which will hopefully get them to stick around longer!


5. Don’t Forget About Your Social Platforms

SEO and social media are intertwined, so thinking you can achieve impeccable SEO without social media marketing and content amplification is silly. Think about which platforms make the most sense for your business and where you can find your audience. From there, create accounts for your brand and stay on top of updating them daily. This also puts a more personal spin on your company, which will make it more approachable for potential clients and partners! Remember: the more active you are on social media, the better your SEO will become.

 Social Media, Facebook

6. Scope Out the Competition

Research is also something that can help you out when you begin your journey to great SEO. Search the keywords you plan on using and see who is at the top of the results page (ignoring the ads). Try to find things that may have gotten them to the top of the page such as clever titles, dense content, etc. Then think about how to go beyond that.

7. Accessibility is Key

Google and other search engines are doing their best to keep the most user-friendly sites at the top of their lists. That being said, do your best to keep loading time down and optimize your site for mobile use.

Mobile Accessibility

SEO is not as difficult as you might have originally thought! Use this article as a checklist of sorts when it comes time to organizing your SEO plan.

For more information on SEO and making the most of your online presence, contact Pepper Gang!



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