Google Webmaster Central Blog Announces the Latest “Discover Report” for Google Search Console.

The world of SEO writing for digital marketing writers just got a whole lot more dynamic.

Google Search Console launches a new report for its users. The “Discover Report” provides traffic data on Google’s “Discover” feature. Digital advertisers are now able to better understand which pieces of content are driving traffic to their website via Google Discover. In order to better understand how this latest report from Google Search Console will influence SEO content strategy for digital marketing agencies, let’s review the history of the Google Discover feature.

What is the Google Discover feature? 

An SEO strategy is essential to digital marketing agencies. One of the first things people do when they want to learn more about a business or topic is to use a search engine. By today’s standards, most people are familiar with the idea of optimizing the words within a webpage for better search engine use. It’s important to note, search engine rankings are not only determined by the use of organic keywords on a website. Factors like a website’s speed or the number of internal, working links are two of the many factors which determine organic search results.

As the world of digital marketing continues to change and expand, how are content writers able to truly rank the relevancy of their online content? Look no further than the “Discover” feature from Google.

In 2017, Google launched the “Discover” feature on the Google App and mobile homepage.

Google Discover Users are now able to discover trending, or up-to-date information, about their favorite topics without having to specifically search for the query on Google. The “Discover” feature is an exciting opportunity for digital content writers because the feature presents another way for content writers to showcase their work to consumers.

Since its launch, Google’s “Discover” feature now has an estimated 800 million monthly users.

This progression has left advertisers with many questions.

  • How often is my site shown in users’ Discover?
  • How large is my traffic?
  • Which pieces of content perform well in Discover?
  • How does my content perform differently in Discover compared to traditional search results?
(Google Webmaster Central)

As of this week, Google Search Console provides the latest Discover traffic report in order for digital marketing agencies, and advertisers, to better understand these questions.

The new “Discover Report,” in Google Search Console, will inform content writers and digital marketing advertisers about which online articles and pieces of content are bringing people onto their websites. This latest update from Google, however, will not only help digital advertisers. Google hopes to make the Discover feature a more enriching place for both the public and digital content writers.

Google Webmaster Central Blog writes, “We hope this (Discover) report is helpful in thinking about how you might optimize your content strategy to help users discover engaging information– both new and evergreen.”

Happy discovering!

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