The trend towards video marketing is evidently on the rise. Companies aren’t thinking twice about taking advantage of the opportunity. With video continuing to grow over the years, there are countless strategies and themes that have entertained audiences. In order to discover the best practices for your brand, let’s focus in on YouTube marketing tips that will make your video resonate.


Lock Them In

YouTube Marketing Tips


You only have a few seconds to make your message stick. In those precious moments, it’s crucial to have your brand message heard. Before posting the content, it’s important to ask yourself, “can a viewer get a persuasive glimpse of what they’re about to watch?”

Whether your video is entertaining, informative, sarcastic, or best of all, authentic, be sure the first burst of your message has the hook they need to keep watching.

Authenticity Strikes at the Core of Human Psyche

YouTube Marketing Tips

Create a psychological connection. Now, this is no easy feat. In order to find something that people can relate to and want to share, aim to include at least one of these qualities:

  1. It’s out of the ordinary. Make it unique enough to reflect an experience that an individual is unfamiliar with or unaccustomed to before.
  2. It resonates with the core of human values. Whether through raw emotion or motivation, there must be some sort of connection to link one person to another to make the experience relatable.

Humor and Sales Entertain and Inform

YouTube Marketing Tips

Another route that will lock in viewers and entice them to share is to tickle their funny bone.

Some of our favorite examples for quality, informative videos that showcase products with a touch of humor are from the Harmon Brothers.  They downplay the stuffy sales aspects of each product by using over-the-top characters and exaggerated demonstrations. Many companies don’t have the time or budget to create a remarkable, high production, well-scripted, and uniquely crafted video. However, a simple video with some clever satire can go a long way. Surprise the audience, make them laugh, and you’ll leave a lasting impression.

What’s Next?

YouTube Marketing Tips

In order to stay on top of the burgeoning video trend, you’ll need to continue to pioneer creativity. Modern marketing is where art meets capitalism, and where poetry meets profitability. Many products and services are flooded with competitors battling for recognition, and to stand out, you’ll have to be sure to share your unique and captivating story.

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