Taking Advantage of Data: Adding Science to the Marketing Game1 min read

Science: Making Marketing Simpler

With advancements in technology (i.e. Cloud), it is easier now, more than ever, for marketers to access and interpret data. Thus, it is critical that marketers today take time to consider the many ways to take advantage of data science in order to enhance marketing productivity. In addition to data science, such a movement is accompanied by a number of other newly crucial complements to traditional marketing, including machine learning and predictive analytics.



In a recent think with Google article, Alison Wagonfeld, Vice President of Marketing at Google Cloud, discusses the importance of blending data science with creative thinking. The goal of this is to increase marketing productivity. Three major strategies that she believes are essential to achieving this goal are focusing on data integrity, establishing and committing to an experimental mindset, and setting specific, incremental business goals. Read the full article on think with Google to learn more.




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