Restaurants are looking to generate new business, but are unsure as to whether paid advertising is a worthwhile investment for them. We highlight six reasons why your restaurant will benefit from using paid advertising. 

Paid advertising mediums include Google Ads, Bing Advertising, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook Advertising, and Instagram. It works in two different ways. On search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you can set keywords so that your restaurant appears when someone searches “restaurant” or “seafood restaurant” or “seafood” (or whatever cuisine your restaurant specializes in).  On social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, your restaurant can target prospective customers who are in a certain age group, who have certain interests, and/or who are in a certain location.

Your restaurant can use paid advertising to target at certain times of day or target people experiencing certain life events,  Your ad displays in their Facebook messages or on the side of their screen enticing them to visit your restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Paid Advertising Gets Results Quickly

It is a proven fact that more than 85% of those searching for a business on Google do not go past the first page.  Your restaurant can use paid advertising to get customers instantly. Otherwise, you may need to spend months (or years) working to get to the top of Google organically. Additionally, you can target many terms at once with paid advertising so that you maximize your restaurant’s visibility.

Paid Advertising Lets You Target Specific Locations

Paid advertising, whether on Google or Facebook, enables businesses to target customers located in specific locations. Your restaurant should use paid advertising to maximize its marketing dollars by making sure that your ads are only seen by those who are within a reasonable commute of your restaurant. You can target customers by state, cities, zip codes, and even down to a one-kilometer-radius.

Paid Advertising Lets You Set the Specific Times Your Ads will Show

Another advantage of paid advertising is that your restaurant can set the specific hours where your ads will show. This means that you can target people during your restaurant’s off-peak times. For example, your restaurant may be located downtown and may have a line out the door at lunchtime. But is your restaurant slow for dinner? Rather than having your ads show (and paying) during lunchtime, you can set your ads – whether on Google or Facebook – to only show during dinner time. This will maximize your ad budget and will help you reach your goals.

Paid Advertising Lets You Target a Specific Demographic

With Facebook Advertising, the Google Display Network, or YouTube, your business can target people who are not actively searching for a restaurant. For example, a specific age group and/or those who have a certain income. Your restaurant can entice these individuals to visit your restaurant with pictures or videos of your delicious food, any special niche your restaurant has (i.e. farm to table), and/or special offers.

Paid Advertising Lets You Target “Life Events”

It’s not so much who you target, but when you target.  Facebook Advertising, the Google Display Network, and YouTube allow restaurants to target life events. This includes anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or new jobs. By using life-event-targeting, your restaurant can position itself to capture prospective consumers when they will likely splurge.

Paid Advertising Lets You Remarket

When customers come across your website there is a good chance that they are not ready to convert. This brief encounter with your brand won’t make your restaurant come to mind when they are ready to eat out.  Paid advertising allows your restaurant to remarket to those who have previously visited your website. For example, a prospect may visit your website. The following day, one hour before lunch, your restaurant’s YouTube video can show up on the prospect’s YouTube channel. Or, your ad can show up on a news website which the person visits to check the news. This will reinforce your brand’s name and increase the odds that the prospect will convert.

Your Restaurant Should Use Paid Advertising

It is estimated that consumers spend 12.5% of their income on food. In addition to having a great website, paid advertising can help your restaurant grow rapidly. For the best results, we recommend an integrated strategy which also includes a monthly newsletter, email drip campaigns, and reputation management.

You’ve learned the why now here’s the how. As a small business, your marketing dollars are important. Learn how to make the most out of digital advertising.