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Ramp Up Your Digital Advertising This Holiday Season

Each year the holiday season seems to come sooner and sooner. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 46% of shoppers will be shopping on the go on or in the comfort of their own home, so I think we can all can agree on the importance of digital advertising this season.
How can you get ready for the holiday rush? We’ve broken down four ways you can optimize your digital advertising campaigns for success.

Increase Your Digital Advertising Budget

Whether you’re strictly an e-commerce site or a local retail store increasing your digital ad spend budget, this holiday is crucial to stay ahead of your competition. Holiday traffic online can be unpredictable; make sure to allocate your budget and decide how much you want to spend on search, shopping, display, and your social campaigns. Take a look at your historical data in order to see which campaigns have had the most result for you and dump more budget into those for this season.

Keep in mind that CPCs (cost per click) are going to go up during the holidays, therefore you should focus on keywords that drive the most search volume and raise your bids in order to stay on the top of the page.

Capitalize On Mobile

Research is showing us that consumers are visiting stores with a higher purchase intent. Why? Because smartphones act as their “on the go” assistant. Consumers feel like they can purchase more quickly on mobile than waiting in lines in-store. In fact, over 40% of online transactions are done on mobile.

So how can you get your mobile advertising campaigns ready?

Utilize Mobile Ad Extensions

Customers are using their mobile phones guide to their local stores. Since on-the-go shoppers are constantly on mobile, make sure to target customers with location extensions and increase location bid adjustments on times when you expect more foot traffic in stores, such as store hours or weekends.

Increase Mobile Bids

Boost mobile shopping bids to show at the top of the page for your top performing products. Shopping ads in the top results on mobile see up to three times more engagement from customers. If your not sure how much to increase your shopping bids you can use Google’s bid simulator tool  in order to see what bid is likely to drive the performance you want and stay within the budget you have.

Drive Checkout Success With Remarketing

Have you ever shopped online, added something to your shopping cart, and then logged off? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. 30% of site visitors put something in their shopping cart, but only 3% manage to complete the checkout process. The main reason for this is that visitors are just browsing online and not ready to make a purchase. Luckily we can use the Google display network to drive customers to complete a purchase with re-targeted ads; reminding them to finish their purchase. Give your cart abandoners a reason to buy; run promotional ads with a coupon code; Get 20% off when you complete your purchase. Consumers want a personalized ad experience, they expect you to know their browsing history and give them suggestions or special promotions.

The great thing about remarketing is that it gives you a chance to reconnect with customers who are already in the sales funnel and familiar with your brand. During the holiday season make sure to run holiday specific ads and make a remarketing calendar to focus on key dates (i.e Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving).

Lastly, don’t forget about Facebook. Retargeting through social in addition to paid media campaigns will drive higher conversion rates. Product visibility during the holiday season is critical.

Amp Up Your Digital Advertising Copy

The search query volume for “sale” keywords dramatically increases during the holidays. Make sure to take advantage of this trend and use promotional terms in your ad copy. Capture early shoppers with pre-Black Friday and pre-Cyber Monday promotions. Make sure to stay on top of analytics to see which products get the most views or which items get added to wish lists and leverage your promotions according to that data.

Make sure to inject a sense of FOMO in your ad copy. Consumers today are much too worried about missing out then they are about gaining something. During this peak season uses phrases like: “Only 2 Hours Left To Save”  or “Hurry Only 5 Left In Stock” to motivate people to purchase. FOMO ad copy means you might have to spend extra time updating messages but the increase in conversion rate will be worth the extra effort. We Promise!


As the holidays approach, stress levels increase and the pressure is on to increase sales and beat the competition. With that said remember to take a breather and let off some steam : have a candy cane, camp out under the Christmas tree, and be merry.

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