Increase Your Mobile Site Speed with Progressive Web Apps3 min read

You suddenly feel the urge to buy something.

Maybe you had a rough week or you just want to treat yourself. As you ride the train home from work, you recall a pair of sunglasses your best friend, Jan, was wearing last weekend. You loved the way they fit her face and thought they may look good on you as well. It’s clearly a time for a new look. Thankfully, you wrote the brand name down in your phone.

However, as you scroll through the brand’s website you become quickly annoyed. The pages are taking forever to load. “This is a waste of my time,” you think. “I guess I don’t need new shades.” You abandon the search all together.

In 2018, it is key that anyone selling a product or a service understands the importance of mobile marketing (as we’ve said before). Mobile is the way the world is going. More and more people are buying on their phones so if you haven’t set up a seamless mobile experience for your brand, you are missing out on endless opportunities.

Progressive Web Apps

According to a recent interview between Google and Mobify CEO Igor Faletski:

  1. Mobile is the only channel growing steadily every year in the retail industry.
  2. Research shows that the probability of someone staying on your website decreases by 90% as the load time ascends from 1 to 5 seconds.

This is it. People are buying things on their phones. And they sure as hell don’t want to wait for a screen to load. So, as a smaller business trying to grow, how do you compete with brands equipped with massive mobile development budgets?

Enter the highly overlooked Progressive Web App (PWA). Even though Google created PWAs back in 2015, they have remained somewhat undercover in the world of mobile retail. And they could be your company’s answer to success.

Progressive Web Apps

courtesy of Syndicode

What are they?

Progressive Web Apps act like a native app you’d download in the App or Play Store. However, they don’t require any of the same hassle. Connected directly to the web, PWAs provide the same fast-acting experience but they load instantly and even work in poor network conditions. They are situated on the user’s home screen, they go full screen and they feature web push notifications.


Why Bother?

PWAs offer an immersive, reliable, and efficient experience that can’t be beat. Igor Faletski, the mobile commerce expert, told Google that with PWAs, he’s found page speeds are two to four times faster. “Our customers typically see a 20% revenue boost with PWA,” he said. “So every minute you don’t have a PWA is a minute spent with 20% less revenue on your busiest customer touchpoint.”

Progressive Web Apps

Courtesy of Think with Google


In February, Google made a big announcement that further reinforces the urgency around creating  faster mobile site speed. They said that come this July, page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search.

Therefore, by combining Faletski’s proven PWA results with the acknowledgment of changing buyer behavior, and Google’s proactive assessment of that behavior, we think utilizing Progressive Web Apps will give you a substantial leap forward in this mobile-focused world.

Read more about Google’s plan to rank mobile search results by page speed here, in order to prepare your business as best as you can!