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Liberty Fleet Tall Ships

Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships


The Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships was founded in 1995 to pursue a dream of offering sailing outings on traditional tall ships. The company has two beautiful schooners, LIBERTY CLIPPER & LIBERTY STAR. Basically, The Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships offers a variety of sailing trips that appeal to sailors who yearn for experience and adventure on a Tall Ship on the most beautiful and historical sailing waters on earth. The ships are located in Boston, Massachusetts during the summer season and sail their way to the pristine islands of The Bahamas an the lively beaches of the Virgin Islands for the winter sailing season.

The Situation:

Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships came to Pepper Gang looking for assistance in growing its business. The company wanted to increase ticket sales and brand awareness. Although The Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships had tried to boost the ticket sales by doing digital advertising itself, there wasn’t any significant impact on the overall business performance. Its AdWords campaigns was less organized and caused the company to pay a lot for irrelevant clicks. The company also was in trouble of identifying, which clicks were relevant and which weren’t. The company hoped to boost ticket sales and increase brand awareness and recognition with minimal spent.

The Solution:

Pepper Gang took on this challenge with enthusiasm. Knowing that extensive research and planning would be involved in understanding the client’s brand and the cruises market. Pepper Gang put together a plan to capture all those relevant clicks as well as identifying potential opportunities that hadn’t been seize yet.
  • Extensive research to understand the brand persona including brand mission, value, services, features, the point of differences, and its target audience.
  • Conducted market research on cruises market including interest over time, regional interest, related searches, customer journey, search trends (volume trends, breakdown by location, breakdown by device, benchmark), and number of available reach.
  • Built a full plan and strategy to focus on digital advertising platform most relevant to brand’s target audience.
  • Assessed Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships’ old account to identify wasted clicks and relevant clicks.
  • Built custom AdWords campaigns to include all its brand features and capture those exist potential customer.
  • Utilized keyword match type and negative keyword function to better control cost and the quality of the clicks.
  • Created appealing and right to the point ad messaging to improve the clickthrough rate.
  • Monitored and managed campaign on daily basis to have a better control.
  • Communicated with client frequently to have a full pictures of his needs

The Results:

Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships had a significant increase in windjammer cruises sales, and had the highest record of sales since it was founded. The windjammer cruises sales increased 31.72% in the first month, and 25.64% for the second month. At the same time, Pepper Gang had lowering down the spent on digital advertising to half of previous months spent. For the first two months, the advertising account had captured 53.44% of impression share, with 70.93% of top of page rate. The average position was at 2.2, which was quite a significant grow compared to its old account. With the help of Pepper Gang’s detailed-oriented and custom approach, Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships had successfully boosted the ticket sales with minimal costs. Liberty Fleet is now excited about the opportunities coming their way and hoped Pepper Gang do the magic again to its Boston sales.