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Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration

About This Project


HyperVibe is a healthcare company devoted to whole body vibration that offers the world’s largest private collection of whole body vibration machines that are backed by research and development. Their team is made up of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, and technical professionals based all over the world.

The Situation:

HyperVibe came to Pepper Gang looking for assistance with their online marketing efforts. They had been running an advertising campaign for quite some time, but were not achieving the results they had wished for. Their goal was to dominate the online marketplace. They wanted to build greater brand presence online and build boost brand awareness in the Australian market.

The Solution:

Pepper Gang started by building a strategy that included both search and display advertising. The first stage of the strategy placed emphasis on boosting brand awareness in the healthcare marketplace. This was achieved through search and display advertising and a phone campaign. The overall campaign targeted competitor and industry keywords. The messaging included both branding and direct. Pepper Gang began stage 2 of the strategy by limiting focus on display ads and focusing heavily on search by eliminating keywords that did not aid conversions.

The Results:

HyperVibe came to Pepper Gang looking to build brand awareness, dominate the marketplace, and increase leads through paid advertising. Within 3 short months, HyperVibe successfully became a more recognized brand name. Since then, HyperVibe has expanded their marketing efforts and operations to New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. Finally, Pepper Gang helped HyperVibe achieve a 13.5% decrease in cost-per-click, a 53% increase in total conversions, and a 21% increase in brand name recall.
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