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About This Project

IM Boston – Build brand identity and brand awareness


IM Boston, a Boston-based startup non-profit that showcases and shares stories of the people around Boston and New England.

The Situation:

IM Boston was looking to develop a website and identity that would represent the unique voice inspired by the people of Boston. IM Boston needed a complete branding strategy and new website design to start. Following the brand development, IM Boston also needed to build brand awareness and increase readership on the site.

The Solution:

Pepper Gang knew that this would be a challenge. It would require developing and implementing a unique identity that would symbolize what the brand was about. First it started with a brand voice and a logo design. A brand new website was developed for IM Boston to establish an effective communication channel to the audience.

Stage 1 – Brand and Website Development

From the layout to the function, the site had to operate perfectly in presenting the brand and remain cost effective. While developing the site, Pepper Gang incorporated the best practices to ensure it was mobile friendly, SSL certified, search engine optimized, user friendly and easy-to-share. Beyond the basics, IM Boston needed the website design to showcase the people IM Boston was highlighting. Once that was established, it was on to stage 2.

Stage 2 – Digital Strategy to drive Brand Awareness

As a next step, Pepper Gang developed an integrated marketing strategy to take the newly developed brand to market. The goal was to drive brand awareness, website traffic and increase the readership. Furthermore, Pepper Gang built a locally focused content strategy based on the audience’s interest levels, with the goals of reaching both people who are already interested in community engagement and those who have broader interest. Pepper Gang monitored trends and timely updates to adjust topics and messages accordingly.   In addition, a social strategy was developed to actively engage with the target audience and build brand loyalty. Pepper Gang developed contests and viral campaigns that encouraged fans and followers in Boston to participate. Over the course of a few months, the IM Boston’s social media engagement from fans and followers increased. As a result, Pepper Gang was able to successfully reach the right audience and drive engagement on the social platform.   Pepper Gang’s strategy included integration of the following channels and activities to assist with goals:
  • Design and develop a brand identity including logo and brand messaging
  • Design and developed a new website that allowed for highlights to be featured
  • Developed a unique marketing strategy and messaging for the target area that included email marketing, digital advertising, social media and search engine optimization
  • Expanded advertising and media buying
  • Built organic visits through search engine optimization
  • Created social media community to raise awareness
  • Pepper Gang assisted in the product development of IM Boston’s new clothing line
  • Developed e commerce side of the website in phase 2 of the development
  • Developed full digital strategy for new products and drive further brand awareness

The Results:

Due to these strategies, IM Boston saw an increased Facebook engagement of 53%, compared to the previous month with over 4,600 likes and 157 followers on Instagram. Consequently, IM Boston recognized player in the Boston market. IM Boston was able to successfully launch a new clothing line with the help of the Pepper Gang team. Most of all, with the marketing and updates that Pepper Gang completed, IM Boston saw an increase in website visitors as much as 623% and continues to grow each week.