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Cramps are any athlete’s worst nightmare. Nothing’s worse than barely being a mile into your run and getting those sharp stabs, or just getting started on your bike route and feeling things tighten up. You’ve been told all the solutions for cramps- special fruits, cold compresses, stretches, etc. But, if you’re anything like us, these haven’t helped much. Enter the Flex Pharma’s hottest startup in the game: HOTSHOT.
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Developed by Nobel-Prize-winner Dr. Rod MacKinnon and Dr. Bruce Bean after a life threatening cramp experience while deep sea kayaking, these two decided to get to the heart of what causes cramps and to try and find a solution. Years of research has led to HOTSHOT, a 1.7 oz sports drink that treats and prevents cramps.

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The scientists realized that the origin of cramps lies not in the muscle, but in the nerve. When hyperactive motor neurons send repetitive signals to muscles, they cramp up. The spicy concoction in HOTSHOT overloads sensory neurons in the digestive system. These neurons send impulses to the spinal cord to counteract and prevent the incoming signals from muscles, ending the cramp.

Furthermore, HOTSHOT is a certified organic, NSF-certified and gluten-free mixture. The hot recipe includes lime juice, sea salt, cinnamon, ginger, and capsaicin (yes, this really is a Spicy Spotlight!). This zesty mixture is what triggers the neurons in your mouth, esophagus, and stomach. They then work their magic and removing your cramps.

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HOTSHOT is used by many premier athletes, including Olympic silver medalist Evan Jager, triathlete Justin Kline, and Brisbane Roar FC among others.

The scientific team for the product is just as stacked as the athletic roster. Boston-based Flex Pharma, the parent company behind the HOTSHOT product, boasts an impressive scientific advisory board in addition to the two genius scientists behind the drink’s development. The board includes doctors from Harvard Medical, the Chief Medical Officer from Biogen, and the Neurosurgery Consultant for the Denver Broncos.

Flex Pharma is currently working on other innovative medicines and treatments for neuromuscular disorders using the same research and developments from HOTSHOT.

So next time you’re about to go train, grab this spicy solution. Your muscles will thank you! HOTSHOT can be purchased by subscription, in six-packs for $35, or in 12 packs for $65 at the company’s online store.

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