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Who We Are

Our culture is the reason for our success

Pepper Gang is the Boston-based digital marketing agency committed to the growth and success of their clients’ business. The company was born out of a desire to tell each brand’s story in a way that compels like-minded consumers to align with the brand.


We are The Pepper Gang. We are spicy, like hot. Spicy, like a unique flavor. We are not for everyone only those who want a little something extra. We are a team of passionate peppers who are creative minded, analytics driven and strategy focused.


“Our mission is to create and execute strong innovative marketing plans for each client

where we contribute to the clients success story.” ~Pepper Gang

As a Digital Marketing Agency, I would describe us as big idea crafting, creative minded, strategy focused, diverse, data-driven, fun having, hard working bunch of coffee drinkers.



Co Founder, Oz started Pepper Gang after many years of running a successful search engine optimization firm Opt My Biz. Known for his Monday morning inspirational quotes, you-can-do-anything motivational speeches and love of a good marketing plan (in chart form, of course). No matter what he has on his plate, Oz is always available for a meeting to discuss next steps and clients’ goals, or just kick back and draw something creative on the white board.


Co Founder

Stefanie is the Co Founder of Pepper Gang, a recognized Digital Marketing Firm with a simple vision to maximize client growth by navigating the complex consumer decision cycle in today's hyper-connected world. Stefanie is a seasoned entrepreneur and charismatic leader in her industry. Prior to launching Pepper Gang, she owned and operated a successful search engine optimization firm, Opt My Biz. On a personal note, Stefanie enjoys anything outdoors, walking around the beautiful city of Boston, hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, taking her boxer to the park or training for her next marathon.


Co Founder
We Are Hiring!


Whether it’s ADVERTISING or SOCIAL MEDIA, we measure each step with ANALYTICS.

We are DIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONALS, passionate about our clients



We always look on the bright side of our clients.


Action is the foundational key to success.


We understand that old ways won’t open new doors.


We do what we say we will do.


We do it with passion or not at all.


Not every marketing agency can be like us.