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We are all well aware that the Monday that follows Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday, the largest online shopping day of the year. One month before Christmas is the peak selling time for many online businesses. Are you using your Google Adwords effectively to take advantage of this? Here’s your tailored Christmas miracle for your holiday Adwords management:

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Always remember that searches spike in December. Check Google Trends to see when your keywords go up in Google Search.

Utilize Holiday Related Keywords Phrases. The keywords that you use may get more searches during the holidays when combined with holiday related keywords. Keep in mind these holiday keywords to combine with your industry’s keywords: discount, coupon, sale, free shipping, fast shipping, winter holiday, Christmas, gift.

Check your campaign for negative keywords. Many PPC campaigns include words they don’t want to rank for. BUT during the holidays everything changes. Double-check your negative keywords because you might want to turn them off during the holidays.

Appeal to a shopper, not a user. During the holiday season, people are buying for others, not for themselves. So promoting in your ads that advantages for the user will not work here. Appeal to the buyer with the benefits they need this time of year: ‘Discount,’ ‘gift wrapping’ or ‘free shipping.’

Nothing is worse than a gift that arrives late. Give deadlines in your ads & landing pages.

Cost-Per-Click & Bids Increase during the holidays but so do conversion rates. Raise your bids to stay competitive.

Use Ad Rotation. During the peak online traffic times, it is important to use ads that convert. Use the Ad Rotation tool & set it to ‘optimize for conversions.’

Remarket to past customers. Google Adwords has this neat little tool that will send targeted ads to users who have visited your website before. There’s not enough time here to explain the details, but that’s where Pepper Gang comes to the rescue!

Online Shopping

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