The New AdWords and Our Favorite Features2 min read

We live in a world driven by constant innovation. Few companies understand this as well as Google.
This made it even more surprising that Google had gone nearly 15 years without updating AdWords, especially given that roughly 90% of the tech giant’s annual revenue is generated through advertising.

Yet low and behold, the new user interface has finally arrived! Well – sort of.

Making it Beta

new adwords platform

Technically, the newest version of our favorite ad system is still in Beta. There are certainly a few kinks to work out and integrations to carry through. We can also look forward to the inevitable withdrawal digital advertisers are going to experience when forced to switch permanently to the new system. Fortunately, for the time being, Google lets its users switch seamlessly between the beta and the OG AdWords. This is all well and good, but it may be useful to make the switch sooner rather than later, because it’s coming whether you like it or not.

Change is a Beautiful Thing

new adwords platform

Even if you’re a little bit nervous, you can take solace in the fact that Google isn’t doing this simply to make AdWords easier on the eyes – although it does that too – but there are a number of new features included that we should all be pretty amped about.  They’re going to make paid search EVEN SEXIER. We found an article that sums up why we’re excited about the new AdWords, and why you should be too.


Between bar graphs and new targeting options, the new platform has marketers in mind. Even more than that, they have the businesses and consumers in mind. If 2018 has taught us anything so far, is that we need to be focusing more on the consumers: their needs, wants, and habits. The new tools Google is offering us is based around this which means happy consumers, happy businesses and happy marketers.

What good is a tool if you don’t know how to use it properly? Before diving into this new platform, hone your PPC writing skills and be at the top of your game.