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In one of think with Google’s most recent articles, “How to Make Every Mobile Moment a Brand Builder,” the idea of a holistic mobile experience is discussed. What are mobile moments and how should brands be taking advantage?
It turns out that consumers place a lot of value on their mobile involvement with brands. In fact, the more positive their experiences with your brand are, the higher their expectations of you become. This concept becomes even more important when you take into account that people interact twice as much with brands on their mobile devices than they do anywhere else.

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Once you have them interacting with your brand, it is imperative that you do whatever you can to keep them happy.

They also found data that points them towards a few specific things that consumers negatively respond to, including:

  • Slow loading times (more than 3 seconds)
  • Not being able to find the information they are looking for
  • Being interrupted by pop-ups or ads


These negative factors can cause you to lose both current and potential customers, putting a gloomy haze over your brand. In fact, Google worked with research firm Purchased to look into this particular topic. In their study, they found that “when people have a negative brand experience on mobile, they are over 60% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future.”

So don’t let your mobile site get in the way of the growth of your business; make sure that it meets all of your consumer’s needs, including:

  • Maintaining quick loading times
  • Simple navigation
  • Removal of interruptions
  • Making browsing your site easy and convenient
  • Offering fast and friendly customer service


A great mobile experience can be simple; all you have to do is think about what it is your audience wants and of course- what they don’t! For more on creating positive mobile moments, read the full report on think with Google.


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