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Mobile Marketing and Resorts: How to Rejuvenate Your Marketing for Today’s Travelers


11 Jan Mobile Marketing and Resorts: How to Rejuvenate Your Marketing for Today’s Travelers

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Everywhere we go, we find people hunched over their mobile devices. We started to wonder what the ubiquitous mobile phone means for businesses in certain industries, like resorts and the hospitality business. Do those types of businesses take advantage of this shift toward a greater use of mobile devices to get online? How does it affect their marketing?  

63% of cell phone owners use their phones to go online

  Cell phone devices have made it easier for a vacationer to multi-task, using multiple devices to accomplish multiple goals, from searching for a hotel they see in an online ad to tweeting a question about vacation destinations, all while looking at a particular resort’s website.   This tells us that resorts, hotels, and other hospitality businesses can no longer solely rely on traditional means to get bookings. The online space has gained a great deal of power in the decision-making process of the average traveler.  

Online Research and Mobile Devices

Being online allows users to find all kinds of information. In the case of making travel plans, users are able to go online quickly via mobile devices and research travel options.   By 2016:
  • 72 million Americans will research travel on their smartphones
  • 36 million will book their travel plans on a smartphone
  Not only are smartphones helping users gain information about resorts, they are also aiding travelers through the decision-making cycle.   Download our free white paper to learn more about how digital marketing can boost your booking rates and guest experience.  

Mobile Technology and the Booking Cycle

  A resort’s mobile site has to provide all the features necessary to help users move further on the path to booking by being mobile-friendly and easy to use.  

62% of U.S travelers think it is beneficial that properties allow them to book an accommodation via a mobile device

  Yes, it’s good to have a mobile friendly site. But you have to make sure that all the features of your full site translate from the web to mobile. Providing features that take a user from the information gathering to booking on mobile should be the focus of the hospitality marketing manager.   Users are busy and they don’t want to spend a lot of time on research and booking their travel.  

36% say the reason for not booking travel on mobile is that the websites are hard to see, read, or navigate on a mobile device

    Competitors are trying to hit the same target you are after. Don’t lose guests to something basic like a hard-to-navigate mobile site.  
Digital marketing for resorts and hospitality

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Apps and Mobile

  Smarthphone apps can be helpful for users who are looking to travel.  

44% of travelers have downloaded a travel related app


Recommendations for Getting Mobile 

  •  Have a mobile-friendly website. This allows users to get the information they need quickly and easily
  •  Optimize your website with relevant keywords to rank higher in search.
  •  Use mobile-friendly ad extensions like maps and click-to-call buttons to make it easy for people to find and contact you.
  •  Have relevant and up-to-date content on your website to make it easier and faster for users to gather information
  •  Create a blog within your site to give tips, news, and trends on travel in general
  •  In your ads, have a call-to-action that tells the viewer what you want them to do. For example, “Book now,” “Call today,” etc.
  •  Take advantage of local SEO to target people in your area who are looking to stay locally
  •  People use review apps to learn more about resorts. Respond to negative reviews and fix issues when they occur, or those negative comments could turn away potential guests.
  Marketing managers who take advantage of mobile technology and advances in optimizing for mobile will gain higher visibility to people looking for a place to stay when they travel. Resorts that don’t get on the mobile bandwagon will end up left in the dust.   by Dely Keza Featured image: Phil Roeder Interested in learning more about Pepper Gang’s Services? Visit our Hospitality Digital Marketing Page for more information.
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