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Local Marketing: Succeed with Pepper Gang's Local Targeting
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For Our Local Business Clients:

Local Advertising - Local Marketing Agency
Local Marketing - Website
Local SEO - health & wellness marketing agency

Our Google AdWords certified experts deliver the best results for your local business through local digital advertising by targeting potential customers right when and where they are, right down to 1 kilometer, and strategically using integrated channels such as geofencing, PPC, and Gmail advertising for success.

When a consumer hears about a new company, their first instinct is to search it online and peruse the website. If your website isn’t user-friendly or doesn’t contain the right information, you might lose that sale, and potentially a future loyal customer. Our website development experts can deliver the user-friendly, mobile-optimized website of your dreams.

Consumers are turning to their mobile and desktop devices to search “____ near me”, with research showing that most don’t go beyond the 1st or 2nd page of search results. Our local SEO experts can build SEO authority through website visibility, search relevance, local listings and social cues guaranteed to bring the right customers to your door.


Mill Falls Case Study - hospitality marketing agency


Client was looking to grow their reach in their local area to drive an increase in bookings.



Pepper Gang built a comprehensive strategy in paid advertising to target the area the client was looking to expand to. Pepper Gang focused display advertising campaigns on their target audience with a seasonal focus. They targeted people booking via mobile device with a tailored message. Pepper Gang also developed a keyword strategy, advanced targeting options such as similar audience, and remarketing to reach the audience based on their booking decision cycle.



Impressions increased 507% in the targeted area, phone call conversions increased 62.7%, while booking conversions increased 118.6%.

Nutley Auto KIA Case Study - local marketing


Client came to Pepper Gang looking for assistance in growing the reach in their local area. They wanted their presence felt in their local community. Unfortunately their social media efforts did little more than showcase their sales offers.



Pepper Gang built a full plan and strategy to focus on social media platforms. Their goal was to understand the local markets unique needs and the brand’s unique voice to develop a social plan that would hit engagement goals. They wanted to drive more fans to social pages as well as increase engagement.



Brand engagement reached to over 5,000 fans in 3 short months. Inconsistent ‘salesy’ approach was turned into a local trusted source for news, events and networking.



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