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Whether you’re a start-up or massive corporation, launch parties can be the quick answer to instant success. If you’re selling a product, service, or simply trying to re-brand, launch parties are an easy way to advertise, generate a lot of press, and network with potential new clients or investors. Everyone likes attending a good party, so make sure yours is one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Discover the benefits of launch parties below and some tips on how to throw a great one.

1) All press is good press, but positive press is best

This is, perhaps, the most obvious reason to have a launch party. Alert the press several weeks prior to the event that you’ll offer exclusives, opportunities for interviews and perhaps even VIP passes if they cover your event. Don’t be afraid to schmooze the media a little; if you do, they will be make sure your event is the can’t-miss of the season. The media is the best way to increase sales, investments, engagement on social media, and general brand awareness. So, make sure you get them on your side.

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2) Establish your brand in a fun way

Often times, people associate launch parties with start-up businesses, and they’re not necessarily wrong. Launch parties serve as a great tool for enforcing your brand and showcasing its qualities. But this could also apply to a well-established business whose branding has gotten off-track, or a corporation that is trying to change its image. Creating an event that is specified to your brand’s image is a great way to legitimize and reinforce it, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make your brand’s goals known.

3) Longevity: make the night memorable

Launch parties don’t have to be high-maintenance cocktail evenings to be memorable. By picking some truly unique aspects, such as a lesser-known venue, exotic catering, funky DJ, or interesting raffle and give-away, the night will be unlike any other launch party your guests have attended. This is important for your brand for many reasons. An unforgettable night may correlate to an unforgettable product, which can ensure the longevity of your business. So, don’t be afraid to go off the book or sway from the business mainstream — in fact, doing so may, literally, pay off in a big way.

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4) Establish relationships (networking, networking, networking)

Most accomplished businessmen and women will tell you that if they were to prescribe one act to ensure success, it would be networking. Launch parties are a great way to invite a plethora of potentially beneficial people to your front-step. The media, investors, innovators, contributors, consumers, and even bloggers may be to help out your brand more than you could ever know. Take the time to talk to these people in a more casual setting, and impress them with how personable, sharp, and welcoming you are at your event. Building strong relationships is the best way to reach your widest possible audience and get your brand out there.

5) Money: are launch parties worth it?

Those familiar with the term “return on investment” should know that it holds especially true for launch parties. However, we won’t lie to you. Chances are, if you want your launch party to do all of the things listed above, you’ll have to drop some serious cash. Consequentially, though, if your launch party is a huge hit, the money that you get as a result of it will surely make up for it. Increasing your brand’s awareness, getting the press involved, and throwing a great party will have people not only talking about your business, but have investors investing, consumers consuming, and you bringing your company’s profit to the next level.

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There are many reasons why your business should be having launch parties if they aren’t already. But, the most important one is this: your brand deserves a night of recognition for all the hard work you’ve invested into it. You can celebrate your success and reap some monetary benefits by hosting a terrific launch party, so get planning.

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