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Improving Consumers’ Mobile Experience: What to Invest in and Why

Improving Consumers' Mobile Experience: What to Invest in and Why

29 Jun Improving Consumers’ Mobile Experience: What to Invest in and Why

Before today, companies were primarily concerned with being the most technologically advanced; technological superiority outweighed almost every other developmental aspect of the business endeavor. Today however, it is the digital user’s experience that demands the most attention and investment. Companies are no longer purely competing with other brands, but with other consumer experiences on mobile.   mobile experience

Image Courtesy of Think With Google

Think with Google delves into this matter in their latest infographic, discussing the three biggest areas brands should invest in, in order to provide consumers with the best mobile experience. The first of the three is speed. It is not guesswork, but a fact that consumers need and breathe speed. Lag time is not only a nuisance, but it also ultimately hinders the rate at which material can be conveyed to the consumer—thus necessitating the greatest investment. The second of the three, is personalization; consumers simply expect companies to know their wants and needs–and demonstrate this in their mobile experience. Finally, brands must invest in ensuring that any and every interaction is of the best quality. In other words, any time a brand makes its presence known, there should be a guarantee of only the best mobile experience. Check out the full article, stats and all, to get the full picture: The 3 Areas Brands Should Invest in to Improve Consumer Experiences on Mobile.    

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