How You Can Use Geofencing In AdWords3 min read

Did you know that geofencing can help a business in so many ways? Stefanie Daneau, our very own co-founder and director of Business Development sits down with Tim Jordan, Google’s Agency Development manager to break down what geofencing is all about and the endless benefits it offers! Not only that, she gives us a rundown of examples in which this virtual perimeter could help in catapulting a business forward.

Q: What is the definition of Geofencing?

A: Geofencing is essentially putting a virtual boundary around a specific area or location using GPS. So you could target a radius around a building- that would be a good example of using geofencing.

Q: What are other good examples of how to use this method?

A: The largest application of geofencing would be a brick-and-mortar store, so these kinds of stores would use geofencing in a lot of scenarios. Mostly because their audience comes from a specific area around their business. So, if you have a store in Boston, you probably wouldn’t get customers from New York. So you’d want to set maybe a 2-mile radius to drive your customers in the store.

Q: Is the brick and mortar store the only business that should really be using geofencing? Or are there other application for businesses that are mainly online or businesses that offer services?

A: There’s a lot applications and this is where it can get very fun. So for instance, an e-commerce store would be another great example of somebody that could use geofencing and it might not be as intuitive. Because e-commerce essentially doesn’t have a border, there’s no store that somebody would go to.

But an e-commerce location, say for instance, you sell a baby product and you know there’s a published author that’s doing a speech at the local convention center and so you know the target audience that’s gonna be there is gonna be moms and parents. So that would be a really great example of how to use geofencing, you could target that convention center where that speech or expo is happening and be reaching thousands of moms at one time. So that would be a good example of how to use geofencing.

So there’s other application on who can use geofencing, so one other example is universities or educational institutions. So say for example, there’s one university that knows that there are other universities that are hosting open houses and they have similar programs- like an MBA program, for example. The university could set up a geofencing campaign to target not only the location of the open houses of their competitors. but also the time-frame, and they could reach potential students that are looking for MBA programs that are very similar to what they offer. So universities could be another great example of who could use geofencing.