If you’re a business with a blog or website, knowing how to write great content is a must. It helps boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and, ultimately, get more leads. But, writing content is a choice. You have to choose to put in the time and energy into writing content. You have to do it right. We have developed a guide on how to write great content for your business. 

Keep reading for a great how-to on creating good content. 

Be Original: Create Your Own, Original Content

So, what makes great content? Original content, that’s what. Original content helps people who visit your site know you’re knowledgeable in your field and lets Google know that you are a trustworthy source of information.

If you write original content, search engines will find it and help you gain exposure on it. Google, for example, penalizes sites that have duplicate content. They want to reward sites that have good, quality content and penalize those that just copy it. So, copying someone’s work just doesn’t cut it. This way, if you write original content, your site’s rankings will go up and your business will be rewarded. 

A Headline is a Story: Create Memorable, Strong Headlines

A good, strong headline will be the difference between people continuing to read your content and people leaving your site when they lose interest. A good headline will spark a reader’s interest and invite them to continue reading. We know most people will read a headline, but very few will actually read the rest of the content. So invite them in, get them interested!

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A good headline will be enticing and positive, it will make people curious and will say something interesting in a few words. This is why you should take your time with them. A good tip is to write a few of them down and choose the one that excites you the most and says the most about the upcoming paragraph. They are the first thing people will see and read, so taking that extra step will be worth it. 

What should your content say? Keep reading to find out how your content should be written.

Lights, Camera, Action: Make Your Content Actionable

Your content should be actionable. It should give people advice or tips on how to use it. The best content gives the reader the tools to be able to use it and apply what they’ve learned. But, it should not tell them what to do. It should provide them with tips on how to do. 

Remember the title of this blog post? It’s not “Do this to make good content”. It’s “How to Write Good Content”. See what we did there? We provided a tool. Sometimes just writing good ideas will spark your reader’s imagination and give them ideas about what to do. This works too. As long as your reader is getting inspiration or information from your content, it will be considered good content. 

Get to the Point: Eliminate Fluff

People don’t want to beat around the bush: they want you to get to the point. Fluff might make an article seem longer or fulfill your word count, but it doesn’t necessarily make the piece better. A longer article doesn’t mean a better article. So don’t focus on word count, focus on the point of the content and get to it. You know what they say: quality over quantity. This rings true for content as well. 

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What are people looking for from your content? Our next point answers just that. 

Knowledge is Power: Provide Answers

People are looking for knowledge all the time, they are looking for answers. Most likely, they are coming to your content for answers. They probably typed what they wanted to learn about on a search engine and, if your rankings are high, your content came up. 

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Not only do people want answers, they want them fast. So a good tip is to make your content easy to look through and have people scan over it to find what they’re looking for. Make the important parts stand out. Have headlines stand out, important information bolded. It is your job to deliver the answers your reader is looking for and provide supporting information. 

People Are Visual: Add Images and Video

People learn in different ways, but visuals are everyone’s cup of tea. No one dislikes having visuals. You can use diagrams, pictures or even video to make your point clear. Whatever you’re writing about, adding images will only enhance your content. No one wants to see endless paragraphs when reading content, unless it’s a book. Use images that are thoughtful and relate to the content you’re writing about, that actually add value. 

Sourcing Is Important: Be Accurate

If someone is reading your article, you should ABSOLUTELY make sure your information is accurate and your sources are reliable. Misleading or inaccurate information can be very bad for your company’s reputation. After all, your content is a reflection of your company and if there are any issues with it, it will reflect poorly on you and only you. It’s important that all information is verified, so that accuracy is ensured. 

Sometimes, if you’re citing someone or providing a statistic, it’s better to link directly to that source. Because the more accurate your information, the more reliable your company will look and the more your readers will trust you. Keep in mind who you’re citing too. Are they a trusted and authoritative source? Do they know what they’re talking about? Make sure you’re linking to quality websites, so as to earn even more trust from your readers. Linking to other websites will also help search engines figure out what your content is about and what category it fits under. 

Your content should always be current, which is our next point. Keep reading to find out. 

Keep It Current: Continually Update Your Content

Creating content has to be a commitment. And the content has to go somewhere. Make sure you’re continually writing content and uploading it into your site or blog. This will ensure that your website is up to date and that you look like you’re active and open for business. What if a customer goes into your blog and sees it hasn’t been updated in years? They might think you’re no longer in business or they might see your site as out of date. This won’t get you many new readers and for sure won’t get you any new customers. 

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You should also write content that is relevant for the times. Make sure you’re writing about things happening now and not years ago or even a few months ago. People are caught up now because of social media, they will know when something is old news. (That’s so 2 years ago)

Make sure you’re updating your site not only for your customers and readers but for search engines as well. These tend to prefer sites that are regularly updated and that keep up with their content and SEO practices. 

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Above All: Create Engaging, Thought Provoking Content

An engaged audience will take in everything you write and read it until the end. And the only way to have an engaged audience is to give them what they want: engaging content. It is always important to keep readers engaged and the way to do this is… you guessed it: creating engaging content. 

A few tips for this are: 

  • Leave readers wanting more. Include questions, make them reflect on how to use the content you just gave them
  • Include an interesting introduction. People need to be pulled into reading your content and the introduction does this. Most people make decisions on whether to read your content through this first introduction, so make it count. Tell people why they should care about this article or infographic, make them want to read it. 
  • Use stories. People love to hear stories. You can use anecdotes or short stories to introduce your piece or simply have a story intertwining throughout the content. 

So there you have it, our guide on how to write good content. This short guide should help you the next time you’re writing a blog post or writing content for your website. Remember, writing is a choice, so make sure you spend some time with your content and make it meaningful.  Do it right. 

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