As the holiday season approaches, you probably already have a marketing plan with a specific goal in hand and several campaigns that are ready to launch. In case you forgot, here are 3 social media strategies to include in your stellar plan.

It’s All About Engagement

One of the best features of social media is that it allows you to engage with customers in real time. Remaining active on social media is just one way to make sure you can be responsive and helpful for customers whenever, wherever.  53% of customers say they are likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers.

In addition to being responsive and helpful, it is always good for your business to track and connect with people who are buying and reviewing your products online. By simply responding to their reviews and showing your appreciation, you can build positive brand sentiment.

What’s more? You can invite those people to be brand ambassadors. If they are already influencers on social media, that’s even better. Invite them to promote your holiday products and promotions on their social channels. This is one of the most effective ways to win more customers since people are more likely to complete purchases when they receive peer recommendations.

One of the examples of inviting influencers to promote products is AllSaints, the high-end fashion retailer. They recently launched a campaign, inviting people to share photos of them wearing AllSaints’ iconic biker jackets in different cities. Many fashion bloggers participated in this campaign. They may not be the AllSaints’ brand ambassadors but they are undoubtedly social influencers. Simply by creating a hashtag “#bikerportraits” and spreading the news on social media, Allsaints successfully invited these influencers to promote their products.


Make It Face-To-Face: Use Video & Live streaming

You can, and you should, have a YouTube channel to upload all of your video ads. Since YouTube is also a social media platform, make sure to connect with viewers and influential YouTubers to increase the number of views on your videos.

In addition to YouTube, other social media platforms now have a live streaming feature, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. You can utilize these features to show a sneak peek of new holiday-exclusive products, a behind-the-scenes view, and live interaction with customers. (Learn the 5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business)

Live streaming can enhance your engagement with customers, but don’t overuse it. Not everything is suitable for live streaming. Even if a certain theme is a good fit, that doesn’t mean you should do it all the time. For example, you don’t want to show sneak peeks for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT and you don’t want to be live streaming just to interact with customers every day.

Interactive Campaign: Invite People To Jump In

A campaign becomes successful and viral by inviting customers to be part of the campaign. A great example of this is Coca-Cola’s recent Coke Zero Drinkable Advertising. See how Coca-Cola attracts people’s attention by delivering a drinkable advertising campaign:

To develop such a campaign, you need to understand your products.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can create an app, a website, or a video that’s interactive for customers to customize their favorite holiday dishes. Then, here’s the most important step: encourage them to share their custom recipes on social. Perhaps, if the recipe that receives the most likes is not listed on your menu, then you can include it as a holiday special.

Another example – if you are in the fashion industry selling apparel, instead of simply displaying your new holiday collections on your website, invite your customers to match their outfit to attend holiday parties and share that on social.

The keys to a successful interactive campaign are to make sure you are welcoming customer to participate and encouraging them to share the campaign on social media. Sometimes, offering a valuable prize in return will increase the participation rate.

Getting people to like and follow your social media accounts is not that difficult. However, effectively turning those fans into loyal customers is where your ROI comes into play. These 3 social media marketing tips will surely help you to achieve your business goals this holiday season.

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