Share Your Way to Social Media Success

Move-over social metrics! If “Egg Gang” taught us anything it’s that the “likes” metric isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be (pun intended). Looking to gain more exposure for your business? The “share” option is a social media engagement feature worth exploring. Sharing from other industry related pages is a good way to attract new followers onto your page. Having your social content shared on other pages, of course, even better. Developing a sharing strategy on social media for your business will help your page stand apart from the competition. Here’re three surefire tips for successful social media shares. 

These tips will shine a spotlight on your business.

GQ magazine, ESPN Network, Sherwin Williams, and Apple are only a few examples of corporations with well-crafted brands. They are examples of industry leaders who are often retweeted, repinned, reposted or re-shared. People naturally follow these brands because these corporations have worked tirelessly to gain the public’s trust.

How can your business rise to a similar level of “sharing” fame?

Read on for our three key tips for developing more sharable content.

1. Implement the 40-30-30 Rule

Our first tip for developing sharable content is to implement the 40-30-30 rule for your brand.

  • 40% or 4 posts out of 10 each should be from other sources in the industry.
  • 30% or 3 posts out of 10 should be of content related to your business page otherwise known as content amplification.  
  • 30% or 3 posts out of 10 should be of personal, fun content that humanizes your brand to your target audience.

Participating in #MotivationMonday, for example, is a great post for your brand because it identifies with the very human emotion of the Monday Morning struggle. #MotivationMonday also offers the opportunity to gain some valuable shares from other pages of your business content. 

2. Know What’s Trending 

 Our second tip, for successful social sharing, is to know where to find trending content online. It’s important to collect trending material when curating content to post for your page. Knowing what articles are currently trending, however, can be challenging. The following websites are awesome resources for curating sharable content. 

  • Feedly
  • Storify
  • Quora

3. Form Relationships w/Other Industry Pages

Our third tip for the best social sharing practices is to interact regularly with other industry pages. 

 Let’s imagine the following:

You own a small, start-up fashion company. You and two other part-time employees repurpose vintage curtains into women’s pants. Naturally, your business’ Twitter handle follows Vogue magazine for fashion inspiration and trends. You notice Vogue recently tweeted an article about the 10 best materials for repurposing women’s pants. Perfect! You decide to share Vogue’s article on social media to your followers along with a photo of you wearing your company’s repurposed pants. Vogue notices you shared their latest article and decides to compliment your post by sharing your photograph. Instantly you begin receiving new followers on twitter and more views on youtube. Soon you even have people calling your business to place shipping orders long distance. It’s amazing how a simple share on social media can impact your business.

If only the above scenario could happen more often right?

Capturing the attention of GQ, Vogue, or other major industry leaders is tough. The best way to develop an effective relationship with other brands is to reach out to smaller businesses in your related field. The goal is to capture the attention of an industry page with a small, but loyal following. An industry page with a smaller following is more accessible. A business with a loyal following base is a page which seems to naturally inspire social engagement without being over-the-top.

Sharing quality content from other industry pages will accomplish two things. First, it will build more authority for your brand online. Second, it will gain more followers for your business page.

Here are a few quick tips for interacting with other industry pages:

  • Thank Others for Being Noticed: If another brand likes your Instagram post enough to re-post it to their followers, consider it a great accomplishment. The more brands share your material, the more chances your business has to acquire more organic followers.  Be sure to show your gratitude.
  • Notice When You’ve Been Noticed: Always give original credit to the page you are reposting or sharing from. Tagging the original page will also increase the chances of that page noticing your social share. Let them know you find their post interesting. If they thank you for sharing their content, be sure to like their comment and reiterate how much you enjoy their page. 
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for Sharing Opportunities: If you’ve developed a good rapport with another business account, be on the lookout for possible opportunities to share material. The more you are able to genuinely connect with another brand online the more chances your business has to be seen by potential new followers. 
  • Remember, the goal of sharing social content from another industry page on social media is to increase brand awareness for your business. Sharing takes strategy.

We’ve uncovered our three surefire tips for sharing effectively on social media. Woohoo! But don’t start sharing with your online friends quite yet.

Let’s examine some other popular questions about social sharing in order to better understand how to master this engagement feature. You won’t want to miss these extra tips.

Why Do People Share Information About Businesses On Social Media?

I think you’ll agree, people are spending more of their free time on social media. Studies prove you are more likely to trust a brand if it’s been recommended by a family member or friend. As people spend more of their free time browsing online, businesses can no longer rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. Marketers must come up with new, creative ways to be seen on social media.

A person is more inclined to follow your business page on social media if someone he or she knows is also following your business.

When a person shares something on Facebook about your brand it’s a big deal. A share from a neighbor or colleague increases your brands’ online visibility. An effective share from a trusted brand or community leader will establish higher levels of trust for your business.   

One important thing to consider when deciding to share something from another page online is Facebook’s evolving algorithm.

Facebook has recently made some major changes that dictate which businesses can achieve a higher level of visibility on the Facebook timeline.

What do we know about Facebook’s timeline?

Facebook recently made some waves after announcing it’s algorithm changes last year. The biggest of these changes was Facebook’s decision to limit the visibility of business pages on Facebook’s timeline. Zuckerberg has admitted that these changes would set advertisers back on his platform. Zuckerberg has also stated that his goal is to make Facebook a place for friends to connect, not businesses.   

Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to identify with their target audiences on social media.

A share from your business page onto another individuals’ timeline is a huge opportunity for your business to connect with potential new customers.  

There you have it.

We’ve uncovered our three surefire tips for better social media sharing for your business. We’ve also uncovered some frequently asked questions about the  “share” feature. We hope you will use this knowledge to attract more followers for your business page.  

Now let’s get sharing! 

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