3 Reasons Why Automobile Brands and Dealers Should Switch to ‘Tierless’ Marketing

Since the boom of the automobile industry in the modern era, the marketing approach has always been operated on a “silo” type of mentality. This isolated type of process where automotive brands, regional branches and dealers act as autonomous entities could be doing more harm than good to the industry as a whole. 

According to Google in their latest update, the best solution moving forward is to remove this silo system and making it a point to consolidate data. In doing so, the different factions can see consumers through the same lenses. In pursuing this cohesive image, they are creating an environment of a potentially seamless customer experience. 

Reason # 1: Tierless marketing means aligned KPI’s 

When you have the same pool of data that you’re working with, brands are able to integrate their business teams and goals. At this day and age where gathering consumer data is easier, it is important for key stakeholders — in this case: the brand, the sales and marketing groups of the company to come together and view the data through the same perspective. 

Tom Laymac, Global Director of Digital at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, recently stated that their company has made this type of operational change to their organizational structure. This was the main result of their major marketing meeting: 

google update quote from Tom Laymac, Global Director of Digital at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Reason #2: An integrated platform means better understanding of customers 

Using the same company as an example. when Chrysler Automobiles’ 2,700 dealers partnered with Google Analytics 360 to consolidate their data, they were able to see the data in one place easily. Since manufacturer, regional, and dealer website data are now being seen simultaneously in a single measurement platform, they were all able to see what the customer previously did or researched. By doing so, they were then able to guide that customer into the next stage of their purchase journey. 

Reason # 3: There is a high chance of targeting high-intent consumers 

One of the main challenges in this ‘tierless’ marketing approach though, is being able to piece together a customer’s experience throughout the different tiers to eliminate redundancy. But according to Laymac, they’ve been happy with the results thus far. 

By being able to understand what their customer goes through in their journey, they are able to create a more efficient paid search spend. Not only that, Chrysler’s digital-lead retail sales have doubled since they’ve embraced a non-silo way of marketing, yet did not spend more than they should have. 

If you could take anything from new from this week’s Google Update, it’s that though restructuring the way your marketing plan works may seem daunting, if the rewards overpower the hassle of starting from scratch, then it is definitely worth considering. 

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