In its latest update, Google talks about the age of #ads and #sponsored influence posts and how they are increasingly playing a bigger role in promoting products. Gone are the days where people purchase things just because Hollywood celebrities shoot 15 second commercials using it. 

Nowadays, the ball is in the influencers’ court. In fact, a recent study on the role of digital video in people’s lives shows that 90% of shoppers say they discover new products or brands through YouTube. And who rules this space on the world wide web? That’s right — influencers. Every day, individuals spend their time on Youtube watching vloggers and other YouTubers of their choosing. Most of the time, these people would be in front of the camera talking about them being in partnership with different companies before proceeding to talk about a specific product or service they want to promote.

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More often than not, because of these influencers’ loyal following, these products will do well in the market. So if you’re wanting to hop on the train to success like brands such as Vanity Planet and HelloFresh, read on! Google gives us three tips to keep our influencer marketing campaign in its tip top shape. 

Tip #1: Raise awareness with content that feels native to the platform 

It’s important to pick influencers that mirror what your brand identity is. Not only that, picking influencers that can seamlessly incorporate your product to their usual content would project a sense of being genuine, rather than shoving your product down consumers’ throats for no apparent reason. 

For example, a lot of skin care and make up brands tend to team up with what millennials refer to as beauty gurus or the makeup experts of the platform. Names such as Sephora, Benefit and ColourPop have all been successful with their influencer marketing campaigns. This is because the people that they pick are those that work with their products on a daily basis, so promoting these would make the most sense. 

The more organic the campaign is, the better!

Tip #2: Increase your reach through paid promotion

Of course, a little paid promotion wouldn’t hurt anybody. Just like any type of campaign on any social media platform, it is good to have both organic as well as paid reach. 

Google used two recent campaigns from Edgewell Personal Care — one for Schick Intuition, a well-known razor brand for women, and another for Bulldog Skincare for Men in this example. They increased awareness for their products by conjuring six-second bumper ads and 15-second cut-downs, targeting people who already watched their creator of choice’s videos as well as those within their target audience. 

This was the result of their campaigns: ” The combination of branded and paid content also proved to be a success for both brands. Schick Intuition saw a 229% lift in ad recall and a 113% lift in purchase intent. Bulldog saw a 127% lift in purchase intent and a 2X increase in click-through rate to the site, compared to the benchmark.” (

Tip #3 Make it easy for browsers to become buyers

Stick Intuition and Bulldog created this seamless experience from browser to buyer by putting in the new FameBit Shopping Shelf underneath the Youtube player. By doing so, it led to a high amount of website traffic, as well as sales. Matt Bell, chief marketing officer of Edgewell Personal Care states, “The campaign delivered against our campaign goals, proving the power of the connection that creators have with consumers.”

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This same connection that influencers have towards their audience is the driving force as to why some brands rise above the rest. Raising awareness with the utmost genuine intent, extending your reach through the mix of organic and paid reach, then finally giving consumers easy access to buy your products is the best way to make full use of an influencer campaign. 

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