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Google’s SOS Alerts are Here to Help

28 Jul Google’s SOS Alerts are Here to Help

Technology continues to address real-world issues with Google’s latest feature: SOS Alerts.

  When disaster strikes, real-time updates and relevant information are essential. We first look for the latest news regarding the crisis, as well as who and where to call for help. Too often we find ourselves, as well as our technology, ill-equipped for the predicament at hand. Without the proper information, we begin to panic. But now, Google’s latest feature, SOS Alerts, is ready to step up to the plate. Google has worked intensively with trained responders and its developmental team to create an efficient and revolutionary crisis response system. SOS Alerts are here to provide you with what you need, when you need it.     SOS Alerts can be found in Google Search, as well as Google Maps. When you search for a specific incident in Search, an SOS Alert at the top of the page will be followed by top stories. You will easily find the latest, most relevant information regarding the crisis, without having to search deeply within the mass of results. SOS Alerts will give you what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it. And, in certain cases, the alert will include emergency phone numbers and translations of useful phrases in addition to giving you relevant information based on your location. You can also find SOS Alerts in Google Maps; when using the app, you will be able to view the crisis point on your working map, and click the location for all relevant information.

Now, in the face of crisis, SOS Alerts will be here to help.

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