All the real SEO experts know the truth. That Google ranks websites by the quality of the content rather than the quantity of the links. Since Panda and Penguin algorithms came out, we have seen many SEO atrocities. From sites spamming the system with external links to successful brands working hard on their own unique content. These results tell that webpages are not only ranked by popularity but also by how valuable the information they contain is. That’s why you need a stellar content strategy to truly succeed.

Recently, we got more information about how search engine could recognize the quality the pages. A team of Google’s research scientists released a paper of Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT), a new idea to decide the quality of a site by checking its content accuracy. KBT compares the webpage information with Google’s known fact database to find if the content matches the facts Google has verified. From there, the algorithm determines the trustworthiness of a site.


According to the paper, the KBT has been testing billions of web elements and is able to verify more than 100M webpages. Does this report mean that KBT will be the next Google algorithm? Or should we start including more “facts” in our content? My answer is not really. This system is still in its experimental stage. From the implications of this study, there’s one thing we are certainly sure: valuable, trustworthy and accurate content is the golden key to a stellar content strategy and overall SEO success.


Check out the original paper: Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating the Trustworthiness of Web Sources

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