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Google Partners Connect Lunch & Learn: Forecasting Digital Retail Trends This Holiday Season

Google Premier Partner Retail Lunch & Learn

23 Aug Google Partners Connect Lunch & Learn: Forecasting Digital Retail Trends This Holiday Season

One of our goals as a leading Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency in Boston is to consistently reach out and engage with the local community. On Wednesday, August 16th we teamed up with the Google Partners Connect Team to broadcast the latest digital trends. We made it our goal to teach our neighbors all about the latest online strategies enjoy lunch! Our honored guests included Evan Reseska with Boston Honey Company, Paige Morgan with Boston Pewter Company, and Charles Boggini with Barrel House Z Breweries. This lunch and learn was a fantastic tool for all of us to learn about new developments in digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, in preparation for Q4, the presentation covered the power of Google Shopping. It also described the essential components of having a proper online listing.

Start Preparing for Black Friday Now

A strong theme in the presentation was making sure your company is prepared for the upcoming holiday sales. In order to express this, Google discussed the growth of searches on Black Friday. You can see the trends outlined in the graphic below.

Google Premier Partner

Image Courtesy of Google

But what are customers looking for in an online strategy? The statistics show that 7 out of 10 people are browsing for the best deals when it comes to shipping and promotions. Moreover, having a special offer and showcasing it on the right digital channels can go a long way when it comes to appealing to the online consumer.

Google Premier Partners

Image Courtesy of Google

Make Sure Your Website is Up To Speed

When talking about more technical elements, Google reminded businesses that a mobile compatible site is not the only thing that matters. Above all, load speed is critical. The facts are simple: the faster a page loads, the more likely a user will visit it. Google Premier Partner

Image Courtesy of Google

  In addition, the presentation also described the importance of working with a Google Premier Partner. Tim Jordan, Agency Development Manager at Google explains the importance of the status, “The Google Premier badge recognizes companies that excel with Google products. The Premier Badge is reserved for agencies that surpass our highest requirements. They are product experts, diversified in their knowledge, and use only the best practices for their clients.”   We had a great time learning about these new strategies and getting to know other local entrepreneurs!

For more information on how to prepare your site for the holiday shopping season, call Pepper Gang today and be on the lookout for future for more Google Premier Partner Lunch and Learn events.

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