Google Hire, Helping Businesses Recruit More Efficiently2 min read

Google Hire is here to help make your company recruitment process more cost-friendly and effective:

Google has just launched Google Hire: its newest app designed to help small and medium businesses recruit the right talent in the most efficient way possible.

For any business, the recruitment process is neither cheap, nor easy. Aside from the general task of seeking out candidates (usually through costly ads), businesses face the challenge of gathering the right talent. This effort can quickly become unnecessarily laborious. Profiles may get lost in data entry, and there is typically no firm candidate-employer relationship established along the way. Now, Google Hire, which coordinates with G Suite (i.e. Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.) is here to make the process easier, and overall more effective.

Here’s a look into the innovative app:


Google Hire image from Google Blog

courtesy of Google Blog


Hire’s integration with G Suite opens the door to a number of new conveniences:

Introducing the app on a platform that is already familiar to businesses has countless benefits. For example, businesses can coordinate schedules with promising candidates through Google Calendar, and arrange interviews through Gmail. In fact, businesses can physically track the interview process from start to finish—something that proves to be challenging without any kind of moderating technology. Moreover, Hire provides the option of saving candidates’ profiles. This allows businesses to not only build strong relationships with candidates, but also return to potential talent in the future, if not sought out in the moment.

In a nutshell, Google has just provided businesses with the most effective way to recruit the right talent. By combining the tools of G suite with the new tools of Hire, Google is simplifying your business endeavor for optimal results.


Read Google Blog’s article for more details: Google introduces Hire, a new recruiting app that integrates with G Suite


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