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Ask PG | Remarketing for Hospitality Through Google Analytics

Ask PG- Remarketing for Hospitality Through Google Analytics

01 Jun Ask PG | Remarketing for Hospitality Through Google Analytics

Re-engaging users from a list of cookies or advertising iD’s can be challenging. Thankfully Google Analytics has powerful tools to help you do just that. Although these advanced remarketing analytics are available to businesses from all industries, we focus specifically on hospitality in this video. With Google Analytics you can set up your remarketing strategy by demographics, time, and interests. You can also layer these filters to hone in on the information you need.


In this video we use an example target audience of a 34-45 year old male with a significant other. We can use Google Analytics to capture this audience and market our product of a romantic getaway. The powerful analytics tools allow you to specify audience criteria, so you can identify your target demographic amongst your remarketing audience. This will greatly increase your chances of conversion!


You can set your audience criteria to be various amounts of time, typically 7, 14, 30, or 540 days. We like to use 540 days as more recent hits are not lost yet, we are able to capture a much bigger list. By selecting this length of time, you can also reach users to tell stories throughout the year. For example, a customer that came to your hotel for an August getaway may also be interested in taking a holiday trip there in December. Shorter units of time can be selected if you only want to target recent users.


Sorting by interest is very valuable for your hospitality business. For example, if you have a concert or music festival in your area or even in your hotel, filtering for music lovers can help you reach that target audience and get them to come for the event. This filter is very useful when layered with others to really hone in on your exact target audience.

Watch our full video below to learn even more about remarketing for hospitality with Google Analytics!


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