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Utilizing the Google AdWords Platform can dramatically increase traffic to your site, but I think you can agree that the paid search industry is extremely competitive. Competitors are bidding on the same keywords as you and the market is constantly changing.
So, how do you stand out?

Write Killer Ad Copy.

This will draw users to click through to your site. The challenge of writing text ads is that Google does not give you a lot of real estate to work with; 25 characters for the headline, 35 characters for the display URL, and 70 characters for the description.

So, how do you write killer Ad copy? We’ve broken down five ways to write successful text ads that will boost your CTR straight up!

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1. Maximize Space with Google AdWords Ad Extensions

Google AdWords offers Ad extensions which will help to maximize the real estate for your ads. Extensions expand your ad with more information about your business, giving users more reasons to choose you over the competition. Adwords selects which extensions to show based off the search query, and for that reason you should only use extensions relevant to your business goals.

For example: Let’s say you own a local Boston pizza shop. A  call extension would be useful for you because users searching ‘Boston pizza will see your ad and could then click to call, moving straight through to the ordering process.


2. Understand Loss Aversion

People are more concerned with the idea of losing out rather than the idea of gaining something. It’s better not to lose 5 dollars than it is to find 5 dollars. In other words, the negative feelings coming from the loss are much stronger than the positive ones coming from the gain. Put simply: we hate losing.

You can use loss aversion to your advantage when crafting text ads; inject a sense of FOMO into your ad copy. If your business is having a sale use phrases like: ‘Hurry This Sale Ends at Midnight’ or ‘Only Five Left In Stock.’ Scarcity is a powerful motivator and encourages people to buy now, to avoid missing out. Utilizing loss aversion in your campaign means that you will have to spend time updating messages more frequently, but the increase in CTR will be worth the extra time and effort, we promise!

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3. Use the Power of You

Make your ads personal to your target audience. What can you do for me? Consumers want to know how your product or service can solve their problem. They don’t care how great you are, they want to know what you can do for them. Therefore, you should lead with the features of your product that are most important to a potential customer. So, when you sit down to draft your ads make sure to put yourself in the users’ shoes, and phrase your ads in a way that will appeal to them.


4.  Include a Call-To-Action

When writing text ads for Google AdWords you must be clear and to the point. This way potential customers know exactly what you want from them. Take into consideration what your business goals are because that will determine the language of your call to action. Use strong verbs that are clear and concise to set up an expectation for potential users. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Have an E-Commerce Site? Start Your CTA with verbs like “Shop,” “Browse,” or “Order.”
  • Own A Hospitality Business? Start Your CTA with words like “Reserve”, “Book” or “Call.”


5. Add Keywords into Your Headline

Include your specific target or focus keywords into your headline. This is extremely important because when a user searches your keyword it will then be displayed in bold by the Google System, which will set you apart from the competition. This strategy will also make it clear to the user that your product or service is relevant for them, making them all the more likely to click.

Google AdWords


Google AdWords has a lot of tools to help you grow your business! See how to crush your competitors with more tips and tricks!



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