Getting To Know Generation Z And Its Mobile-Minded Movement1 min read

Where Generation Z spends all of their time:

The time has come to get extra acquainted with Generation Z. Who are they, you ask? Today’s 13-17 year-olds whose very habits and inclinations are vital to the functionality of contemporary marketing. A once steady focus on millennials is crucially shifting to a generation of an almost entirely mobile-minded people—specifically this group’s online behavior, as well as the role of demographics within the web-browsing bunch.

In partnership with Ispos, Google has recently ventured into the depths of the Gen Z reality—conducting a large-scale study that has culminated in a clearer (though not yet entirely transparent) understanding of cell-centric tendencies within the group. The amassed data is no less than a revelation of reason behind the body’s online behavior; extensive yet straight to the point, this series of reports is just as fascinating as it is indispensable to any modern marketing endeavor.

Check out the full Google article Gen Z: A Look Inside Its Mobile-First Mindset for more information!


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