Fiesta Friday: How Eating Together Can Make Your Team Stronger2 min read

When the Gang is feeling a little sluggish and needs a bit of a fire lit, we change our routine. Rewarding ourselves with something out of the ordinary has always pulled us out of whatever funk we’re in.
Lunch at Work

Fiesta Friday did just the trick—a PG potluck that included Mexican street corn, tacos, guacamole, and some great non-work conversation surrounding it all.

After our leisurely lunch, we began to think a bit more about our gathering.

If just one meal can boost our mood and fuel a productive day, what would happen if we did this regularly?

Turns out, eating together can do a lot more for our team than we thought.


Eating alone doesn’t cut it:

 More often than not, we find ourselves consumed in our work, eating at our desks, or running to a local vendor solo to grab a quick bite. We’ve convinced ourselves getting away from everyone at the office to scroll through our Instagram feed will leave us feeling refreshed.

It’s quite the opposite though.

Eating alone can amplify your stress, allow negative thoughts about the day to permeate, and discourages you from thinking differently. Being stuck in your head will get you nowhere.


Eat together, work together, learn together.

Scientists at Cornell observed the dining habits of firefighters and discovered the benefits of a shared meal. They discovered that the firefighters that consistently ate together had higher overall performances, increased cooperation and group performance, and had stronger relationships.

We’ve found friendships.

From our observations, when we engage in non-work activities like lunch with our co-workers, we begin to learn about them on a personal level. This makes work feel less like, well, work. We’re more likely to be honest in our feedback, care our each other’s personal development, and learn about individual traits.


How else do we spend time together? When the weather gets warm, the peppers get out. Check out our Mt. Wachusett adventure!