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Seeking personalized service from an ecommerce marketing agency you can trust? Look no further! Take your brand to the top with Pepper Gang’s killer strategy.
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For Our Ecommerce Clients:

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Our Google AdWords certified experts deliver the best results for your eCommerce brand through digital advertising by telling your story with passion, reaching the target audience right where they are, and strategically using integrated channels such as shopping campaigns, PPC, and video ads for success.

More and more consumers are turning to mobile to begin their buying journey. Is your website fully optimized for mobile? Make sure your brand stands out even on the small screen and capture consumers in those micro moments with our full service mobile marketing and advertising strategies.

Whether you’re looking to grow your email list or keep current customers coming back for more, let our email marketing pros develop a custom strategy guaranteed to keep your newsletters out of the spam folder. With our Google Analytics enhanced customer tracking, you can better segment your audience.

Our holistic approach ensures you’re getting the most out of digital advertising for your e-commerce business. We combine traditional digital tactics with new, emerging tactics, to stay ahead of the curve. This approach uses cross-device targeting, hitting a wide range of platforms, so that your ads reach the right audiences, at the right time. From advertising on Amazon to social media, we’ll find the right outlets to target your audiences.



Client was not satisfied with their results from paid advertising. They had been running a campaign for a couple of years, their sales were down and the cost to maintain the advertising just didn’t make sense to continue.



Pepper Gang’s goal was to completely revamp and optimize their advertising account to build more efficiently running campaigns.



Achieved a decrease in costs of 25%, conversion rate increased 73%.


The client came to Pepper Gang looking for further growth of their business. They wanted to increase their revenue but at the same time maintain control of their advertising spend. They had been running mildly successful campaigns and were looking for additional resources, creative strategies and recommendations to grow.



Pepper Gang built a full plan and strategy to focus on profitable keywords, channels and segments. A full mobile device campaign was launched to reach their growing audience.



Search impression share increased to 40.88%. Bounce rate dropped to 33.53%. Conversion rates increased to 8.65% within the first two months.



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